curly brace

  1. Aar

    Curly Brace ~ Ace Attorney: The First Turnabout (UNFINISHED)

    This mod is a recreation of the first case from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in Cave Story Engine 2. Eventually somewhere along the line I got distracted or something and didn't end up finishing the mod, so I'm going to post it here rather than let it sit in a private GitHub repo forever...
  2. AlmaHexie

    Curly's Weird Crusade

    The awakening to a stranger's adventure... kind of.. ============================================================== //What is Curly's Weird Crusade? Curly Weird Crusade is a mod that is a self parody of Cave Story fangames and Fanfictions in general beholding a truly pacifist message towards...
  3. Quote and Curly faceswap

    Quote and Curly faceswap

    Again, @Extra Life came up with this. I long for death.