1. Autumn Armor

    Autumn Armor

    Scarves on their own don't provide much warmth, but they /do/ provide tons of style points. Few ensembles aren't improved by utilizing them :3
  2. Urban Champion

    Urban Champion

    As always, I love custom clothing and brawnier takes on Gardevoir, but this is interesting because I also just like the fashion here in general. Fingerless gloves, a light turtleneck thing...whatever those things on the legs count as, all in black and supporting lighter colors over them, is all...
  3. Caressing Cloister

    Caressing Cloister

    Gardevoir OCs/team members tend to fall into a few archetypes, which is probably common for any given Pokémon. You can probably guess what Serenity here is like, taking in forsaken the way she does, but there's ultimately nothing wrong with falling into an archetype - particularly if the wider...
  4. Cozy


    Big, beautiful vestments for biting, blustery days. Tailor-made clothing is always super cool and scarves look good on nearly anyone :D
  5. Dreamcatching Decorum

    Dreamcatching Decorum

    This lovely, poofy dress is apparently modeled after something from Gaia Online, which is itself apparently something. I can't say for certain how it allows its wearer to create massive fissures in the ground, either, but there's a lot about the world I don't know and fictional magic dresses...
  6. Gothic


    The point at which the month in which the week through which Halloween would be celebrated would be just around the corner is just around the corner! Have a cute lolita outfit courtesy of Anzhyra again. :> Seriously, I love the frills and scribbly detail on that dress. I know there's probably a...
  7. Battle Suit

    Battle Suit

    This is a rather fetching design, and it's nice that the armor seems to account for all of Gardevoir's thin, poorly guarded body parts!
  8. Appreciation


    Okay. There's...been a few complications regarding the Grand Gallery recently. The forum move from IPBoard to XenForo required our fair Gallery feature to be ported to the overcomplicated, underfeatured monstrosity known as...MEDIA. *Ominous thunder* And while that's an exaggeration, it's not...