cave story + modding

  1. Leumeister

    Question about inserting music (Cave Story+)

    I'm wanting to do some soundtrack replacements, and I've done a bit of research and perusal earlier, and this is what I've found CS+ uses a similar music "lookup table" to Freeware Cave Story (with the .ogg versions allowing intro and loop sections) Simply editing .tsc files to change the music...
  2. gereffjeff

    Cave story 2

    I want to get CS2 (by @HaydenStudios) on my version of cave story + (epic games) can I have help?
  3. ZachThePillow

    CS+ Script editing

    I'm having trouble editing the script of Cave Story + I have used Cave Editor for modding Cave story freeware, and I can't seem to convert those files to CS+ if there's a program that allows me to edit the CS+ script directly, that would be great to know. (I have also used Plus Porter and it...