booster's lab

  1. Noxid

    Booster's Lab - It's Pretty Good Now

    Booster's Lab is a Java-based Cave Story editor that I am presently working on. It will eventually be able to do anything Sue's or CE could do, and then some. Right now it's in early development and I want to post it to get some feedback as I go (haha). It is pretty stable by now imo but...
  2. Kenzo_ITN

    Kenzo's guide for modding with Booster's Lab v1.2

    So I made a beginners guide for modding with Booster's Lab. It took me a while, but it finally got done. Here - version 1.2 I tried to make this guide easy to read, so please understand that I don't get too technical. I also tried to make it visual to, so there's a lot of pictures. This is...