<p>I wouldn't call myself a Cave Story veteran as some people on this forum are, but it definitely is one of the best games I've ever played.</p>
<p>Having started playing Cave Story in 2010 when it came out on WiiWare, I was a little late to the party. But after I (and my brother) hopped onto the train, we've been playing much of it since.</p>
<p>I have yet to complete Hell and destroy Ballos, but I'm on my way to that... I'm glad I never got the lame ending though. (Where you escape with Kazuma... Seriously, if you get that ending and you know what happens, you're a pretty lame person.)</p>
<p>I recently got back into Cave Story after my many failed attempts years ago, and I pretty much forgot how amazing it is... That's pretty much what made me create this account.</p>
<p>I still don't have Cave Story+, but I'll get it... soon... maybe.</p>
<p>Also, ponies. :3</p>

I'm an okay programmer, I design ORGs in my spare time, and I'd call myself a Spelunky addict.
Favorite Game/Series
I won't just say Cave Story... So how about Spelunky.