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    CS Mods you started working on, but gave up early in the process?

    What a wicked looking mod. It's admirable how much space and how much atmosphere was applied here in some of those areas. I think I've caught you talking about this mod years ago, but I could definitely be wrong.
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    CSTSF Modding Competition 2017 - Submission and Discussion Thread

    let's all buckle down here and get a fan going and realize that some people can get too excited for shit that shouldn't be happening yet. Wait until elementary school is released in June, then start setting up the tents and lights, it's too early for the circus to begin. Leave it up to the bigwigs.
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    A Farewell From Solaris

    Public Service Announcement: Hey what's up guys. I want to leave forever and I really need your help. Because I'm so important, old and frail at the age of 22, I need about 5 dollars donated to me through pateron and a max goal of 1,000,000 on indiegogo for my leave. For all of the...
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    A Farewell From Solaris

    Already tried to leave forever a couple times. Longest i've ever been away has been like 4-5 years. Something about this place magnetizes me right back in, which brings back to the situation we see here. The money's down, and the odds are high. This dude will be back in a couple years, Noxid...
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    Which CSTSF Member Are You?

    interesting, im the blonde loser with blingee if he really likes super nitos journey ex 4 turbo edition then we're very much alike, shame we never talked
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    Single best mod of all time?

    Cave story - live and uncut
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    got a job and now im a billionaire

    got a job and now im a billionaire
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    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    my best guess would be that the Cave Story on the Switch will be a direct port of steam's Cave Story+, so yeah it's probably nothing special. since the glory days of the Cave Story Wiiware, hearing the name nicalis gives me a killer rash where the sun dont shine
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    Artwork and Stuff

    @ quarius
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    good to see a mirai veteran from the mists. The children here screech and thrash about easily...

    good to see a mirai veteran from the mists. The children here screech and thrash about easily, be prepared.
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