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    Not important, but what is everybody's favourite cs colour palette?

    My favorite CS-related palette is the beta White tileset. The final White tileset's palette is pretty good too.
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    MIDI to ptcop converter [Release]

    You have to drag your MIDI onto the program; you can't just open the program straight up.
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    Rain Soundfont

    Ever wanted to make music using the instruments in Pixel's Rain but don't have the time to rip all the samples? I've created a Soundfont that contains the instrument samples that are the Rain resource file. The only problem is that these instruments were sampled a long time ago (1998) so they're...
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    If you're not able to access the text channels in the CSMC, too bad cause you have to get verified to access them. usually takes up to 24 hours.
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    When I work on Cave Story mods for a long time, I always lose motivation, especially from people...

    When I work on Cave Story mods for a long time, I always lose motivation, especially from people trying to bring me down. Whenever that happens, I always work on something else for a little while as a break. Maybe I'll work on a different mod, maybe I'll work on something else entirely, and I...
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    CAVERUNE Chapter 2

    Please, next time you need to make a small announcement, don't make a new thread. You could've just posted on the first CAVERUNE thread or made it a profile post.
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    among us imposter

    among us imposter
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    Cave Story Framerect Tool (ALPHA PRE-RELEASE)

    I don't plan to design the application for opening the CS exe, but I will make it easier for those using ASM by providing rects in decimal and hex. EDIT: When I get better at coding, I'll probably port the Framerect Tool to Java (which is similar to Haxe), and copy the code from Boosters Lab...
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    Cave Story Framerect Tool (ALPHA PRE-RELEASE)

    Have you ever been doing framerects and thought: God damn, this is really a pain in the ass. I wish there was a graphical program to make this process easier. Well then THIS is the app for you. Written in Haxe, this tool allows you to get framerects from Cave Story sprite sheets. All you need...
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    Project Ampersand

    Extra Life has "hired" me as a programmer for the mod. We've ported it to CSE2 and already implemented a handful of features. If it's OK with Extra Life, maybe we could release a proper demo soon...
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    Show off your org music...

    Yeah, I forgot to include 2 extra tracks in the beat!