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    "What are you currently playing?" Screenshot thread

    I've recently been on a Vlambeer binge and have been playing tonnes of their games for the past week. (The screenshots aren't my own because I can't take them as I'm posting from my broken old laptop.) Super Crate Box An awesome arcade-style hghscore game where you have to collect as many...
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    Kero Blaster, A New Game by Pixel

    It's Kotaku (so it's hardly the best source) but in their interview with Daisuke they say he left the printing company to become a full time game developer. I'm guessing the sales from all the Cave Story ports and versions and the Ikachan port have done him well enough if he did indeed leave...
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    Pixel Art

    Thank you both! :D Connorses, those look really cool. The bouncing cat is really cute, I love the animation on it. Here is another piece I just finished, again with the GameBoy Palette (I like the colours). This one is a couple of statuettes lined up on a shelf-thing.
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    Yeah, twitch saves past broadcasts. I'm not sure why it hasn't done so for my past two streams, I'll look into it though and make sure it saves all the later recordings. :) EDIT: Okay, I think I managed to solve the problem. One of the settings ended up unchecked, now all my past broadcasts...
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    I am going to be streaming some development on my Cave Story Fan Art piece. This is what I've done already: There isn't going to be any commentary, just music. I'll be streaming at twitch, probably for an hour or two: EDIT: Finished streaming now...
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    Pixel Art

    Thanks, that was the look I was going for. I don't know why, I liked the idea of this large killer robot being really scared and constantly on edge.
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    Pixel Art

    I made a GIF of a robot inspired by the Presses from Cave Story, I used the four colours from a Game Boy palette. Small: Large:
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    Cave Story FanArt

    Thanks, just changed it and it looks much better.
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    Cave Story FanArt

    I'm planning a large character cast piece for Cave Story, here is the pencil sketch: Is there anything I should change/improve before moving on to using Photoshop and making the final product?
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    Go to NpcSym.bmp and delete the Machine Gun in there, it is underneath the glowing puppy, that should work.
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    Icarus' Story

    Here are my thoughts. I hope this helped in some way, good luck on the mod. :mahin:
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    Custom Bosses And Enemies?

    Assembly also known as ASM is a programming language and it is quite complicated, it is a low level language so implementing things is very difficult and takes a lot of steps to do simple actions. It is quite hard to learn but there are tutorials on this forum and around the web. To get to the...
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    waste of time thread

    My spirit animal is the Hermit Crab and since people are asking to be rated I might as well. What do you rate me out of 10?
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    Top 10 resons why cave story has room to improve

    Another one would be if you activate the Rocket in the Plantation then jump off and stand where it is going to land instead of crushing you when the Rocket lands it will push you into the block below and you will be stuck, the only way to get out is to load form your most recent save.