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    Avatar Squishing

    That sucks. But thank you for the help!
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    What did you dream about last night?

    I dreamt of a color. Black.
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    Avatar Squishing

    Really? That's good. Oh! I need to ask a question, can I unsquish my avatar on the iPad?
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    What did you dream about last night?

    Woah... I dreamt that I was in a trash cell on a space ship, and I couldn't eat, or drink, and the only way to get out was to touch this one girls underwear (who I was trapped with). I really didn't want to but I did, and we got out and were eating tacos with all these weird people.
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    Am I The Only One Who Never Uses Rocket Launcher?

    Like the guy who posted above me, I also only use the rocket launcher for bosses. POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! I win bitch!!!!!!
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    DERP story

    He is saying he's working on it, but his parents have been buisy so he's been staying at my house, and we don't have a PC he can use. But he's really trying.
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    Top 10 Favorite Videogame Weapons

    1. Gemini laser 2. Half star (infinity blade) 3. Dark x-cs (infinity blade) 4. Spur (cave story) 5. Dragon slasher (avatar fight) 6. Viper blade (kid Icarus uprising) 7. Master sword (legend of Zelda ocarina of time) 8. Diamond sword (minecraft) 9. End all arm (kid Icarus uprising) 10. Polar...
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    Yes he does!

    Yes he does!
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    Oh. Alright sorry about that

    Oh. Alright sorry about that
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    Oh. Alright sorry about that

    Oh. Alright sorry about that
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    Cave Story : 经过战争

    The fuck!?
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    The classless and worst idea ever

    Hahahah!! Wow. This is the funniest idea I've heard!!! Hahahaha!!!
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    Ikachan for dsi

    Maby the 3DS? I know it's their latest console.
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    Gemini man

    Gemini man
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    Avatar Squishing

    Sorry about the random Japanese stuff. I accidentally set my iPad to Japanese and my friend (not derp) was messing with it and he posted that. Going back on topic my avatar looks squished when people visit my profile. Can anyone help me fix that?