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    A story about a character (Demo)

    Yea i think the name is the least of your worries. This mod has 3 main problems: • Cookie cutter maps • Stolen assets from another mod (Specifically openCS) • the maps custom made are poorly made My advice is to redesign the maps to make them original and better, and use unique content.
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    Double Post and Ban Workaround Prevention

    From reading the 4 pages of ban logs provided on the forum, i have learned that people don't know how to behave. And if others have to stop these irresponsible people, who will do it for them when they're gone or unavailable? My thoughts for double post and ban workaround preventions are to: •...
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    How can you get the Beast Fang on CS3D/Cave Story Wii?

    Old post, but... No. Unless there is a way to manipulate your starting coordinates upon loading a save, you cannot talk to debug cat, get the beast fang in the farm, or do anything off limits.
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    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    My cousin had it on 3DS. I was up all night playing it, and i would wake him up just to ask, "Whaddo i do now? Take { to the cabin? Ok u cn go back to bed now g'night." I think he got annoyed really fast, since he never gave it back to me for like a day or 2. Then i got it back and got to hell...
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    Cave Story on Nintendo Switch

    When i get a switch, this is gonna be my first game... besides 1 2 switch (because it comes with it i think).