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    Missing Curley Sue

    Curly Brace is probably back at the clinic. Travel back to the little clinic where you last saw Curly. When you get there, if Curly isn't on the bed, she'll be back at the Boulder chamber. If she is still there, just leave the clinic and go right back in again, and repeat until she's gone.
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    According to a translation by Shih Tzu (one of the japanese->english translators for Cave Story), has
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    How did you find Cave Story?

    I found Cave Story after my friend and co-poster SmileyChris posted a story about it it on our site, Webfroot, kicking off a week of freeware games. I downloaded it that day, english patched it, and was sucked into the story. I still haven't finished it on "save the girl", but I just reached...