<p>I think Cave Story is amazing and it's inspiring to me as an indie game developer. I use Game Maker Studio Professional to make games, and I use various programs to make my art, like Paint, Paint.NET, Blender, Model Creator v5.0, and Anim8or. I also use FL Studio 11 and Sonar X1 for most of my music, along with a little editing with Audacity at times, and I will sometimes even use OpenModPlug Tracker. I have a Breedlove acoustic guitar, a custom-made "FrozenFire special" electric guitar, a nice m-audio midi controller keyboard, and a slightly crappy condenser mic. All of which help me make my music. My ideas for video game projects are written using Microsoft OneNote, which helps keep large projects organized.<br><br>
Besides game development, I tend to like to play old games from my childhood every now and then. Games like Jazz Jackrabbit (kinda like Sonic with guns), Raptor, Zone 66, Zelda 3 (a.k.a. ALttP), Super Mario RPG (on snes), Battlefield 1942, Commander Keen games, Rayman (the original!), Castle of the Winds (a rouge-like for Windows 3.1), and other games, usually from the dos gaming era, or from the snes or gba (Golden Sun!!!).<br><br>
My favorite genre is RPG, because that genre tends to have everything I love about gaming. Cave Story has a lot of those RPG elements, which is why it's so good to me.<br><br>
If you ever want to play an online game with me, then you'll need to get on a PC with Steam, because that's the only way I do online gaming (I don't own any console other than a GameCube... yes, you read that correctly).<br><br>
Also, I love meats and cheeses, and pizza, OOOOOHHH PIZZA! And my energy drink of choice is the green Monster or sometimes the Rockstar Punched (original Rockstar tastes nasty to me). Also, I love salad as long as I have a bit of ranch dressing.<br><br>
So there you have it. Gaming and eating. Now you know me! :mrgreen:</p>

Everything music related (i.e. listening, composing, recording, mixing/mastering, etc.), Cave Story, gaming, 3D modeling, developing/programming video games, playing guitar, playing drums, playing keyboard, SID music, anime, games that tell good stories with interesting/fun/deep characters.
Jan 28, 1988 (Age: 33)
... I got nothin'
I am working on becoming an independant video game devloper.
Favorite Game/Series
Zelda (Cave Story is 2nd though!)