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hey, the username's ceruleanreaper but i go by cehriphim.

i'm an anti-social piece of shit who you will find on kissanime and steam more often than outside.

my favorite music artist is prince.

my favorite movie is nausicaa: of the valley of the wind by hayao miyazaki.

i don't care what your faith is, nor your race or sexual orientation. as long as you're not an asshole i'll gladly be your friend.
Oct 24, 2002 (Age: 18)
in your closet.
Favorite Game/Series
mega man x4
Game Design


I couldn't think of anything to put here so have the script of Mega Man X4's Iris Death Scene

Zero: Iris! ... Iris...

Iris: Zero...

Zero: Hang in there, Iris.

Iris: Please... stay away from Repliforce... Let's live together in a world where only Reploids exist.

Zero: Iris, there's no world just for Reploids. It's only a fantasy.

Iris: Yes... I know... But I wanted to believe it! ... I wanted to live in a world where only Reploids exist...... with you.

Zero: ... Iris!

(Iris goes limp and dies.)

Zero: Iris! Iris! .... Iris...

(Zero holds Iris' body, screaming.)

Zero: Nooo!! This isn't happening!! There's no reason for me to go on! What... What am I fighting for?!