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  1. Quote and Curly - uselesscalcium

    Quote and Curly - uselesscalcium

  2. BLink

    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'fguys you want this save file?'

    It's your choice to support a locked down system that has worse performance, almost infinitely less features, no respect towards privacy, no customization of workflow, a sudo paywall, and no user-end dev tools to make your experience your own. Also inb4 games. Proton runs a lot of games now...
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    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'fguys you want this save file?'

    Imagine using windows in 2021
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    Comment by 'BLink' in media 'curly brace'

  5. BLink

    I should do that to Sue's Story.

    I should do that to Sue's Story.
  6. "rabbit people"  - nightmargin

    "rabbit people" - nightmargin

  7. "pulse" - nightmargin

    "pulse" - nightmargin

  8. "Curly and Company" - rottel

    "Curly and Company" - rottel

  9. "CurlyBrace" - saequrly

    "CurlyBrace" - saequrly

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  11. approach - uselesscalcuim

    approach - uselesscalcuim

  12. doctor - raymundo

    doctor - raymundo

    By Raymundo
  13. QuoteCurly - uselesscalcium

    QuoteCurly - uselesscalcium

  14. Post-Oekaki Wallpaper Edits

    Post-Oekaki Wallpaper Edits

    More wallpaper edits as I find cool CS fanart (credit given where possible!)
  15. Misery and Curly - uselesscalcium

    Misery and Curly - uselesscalcium