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    yes it worked

    yes it worked
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    [IMG] this is a test

    this is a test
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    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    Sorry, you HAVEN'T beaten Cave Story??? BAN nah jk, cool to have you here. I'm sure you'll enjoy this place, I have so far.
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    Cave Story's Future

    Not really. I was just making fun of indie games in general. I haven't even played Omori. I used to be really, really into FNAF and Undertale. I still like FNAF but I've grown distant from Undertale. Exactly man, that's what I mean. Small game communities are (usually) so much better then the...
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    Cave Story's Future

    I think it's dead boss man lol. Secret Santa Is the only """New""" Cave Story game we've gotten in years. It'll likely stay at the point It is now, an indie darling with a small community of passionate and artists fans. Forever displaced from its grandiose pedestal replaced by the latest quirky...
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    Why I'm fighting to keep message boards alive, and you should too

    I meant to respond to this sooner but I was busy (busy being worthless). I was never around when messages boards were popular, the only board I ever used was NMA in 2018. Lost the email that account was attached to and I never made a new one. I say this as to better display my experience with...
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    Cave Story 3D on Nintendo Show 3D

    lol, where these like those videos that you could watch on the 3DS? I remember watching something about Pikmin 3 on my 3Ds that was formatted similarly to this. Also a shoutout to Cave Story eShop, the TRUE AND ONLY WAY to play CS. It's not you, It's desynced.
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    Really happy to see the response I got on the Cave Story Memories thread. It was very fun to...

    Really happy to see the response I got on the Cave Story Memories thread. It was very fun to read through the posts, everyone has really great stories. I was going to respond to everything but at this point my post would just be a wall of text. Hope you all had a great Christmas...
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    What is your LEAST favorite track in Cave Story?

    Worst track? Silly, the entire soundtrack is trash bit tune music! I'm kidding. Break Down feels underwhelming and Toroko's Theme reminds me of a kids cartoon. Really, lots of the songs in the game don't really stand out. I don't think I've ever deliberately wanted to listen to any tracks...
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    New CS3D Easter Egg?

    Would’ve fooled me if you didn’t immediately start talking in the thread about how it was fake lol
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    The Water in the Core's room is used to cool the Core

    I always just assumed the Core room flooded due to the damage from the battle. Causing a rupture in the ancient rock infrastructure keeping the room together, and due to the rooms close proximity to the waterway the water level fluctuates eventually leading to the entire room being flooded by...
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    Cave Story Memories

    Man, it's already been 17 years since Cave Story was first released. Where does the time go. It Is weird to be as old as this game considering lots of you probably played this game when you were around my age. How about this, I'll talk about some of my memories and you can talk about yours. That...
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    What have you been listening to?

    Lots of 80s Eastern European music. Language barrier, sure. There is more to music then just understanding the lyrics. If you limit yourself to only music you can "understand" then you're missing out on lots of great songs.