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    Why did freeware ver. cavestory run at 50tps?

    they indeed are in d-rs, hence why option in question exists in first place
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    every cave story multiplayer

    Local multiplayer has been there for ages, netplay was worked on at one point but never finished
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    (.org pack) Kero Blaster soundtrack transcribed to Organya

    bump, pushed an update with a pretty large rework of tracks
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    What is Org’s Wait time in Bpm?

    "Wait time" is interval in milliseconds between two ticks (the smallest unit you can place on piano roll). By default a single beat in orgmaker consists of 4 ticks (it's called "Split" in song options). Therefore the formula to convert wait time to BPM is: 60000 / (wait_time * split)
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    doukutsu-rs - a remake of Cave Story engine written in Rust

    doukutsu-rs is a thing I spent last 3 months of my free time on, since I was quite active around CSMC and decided to learn Rust... The current goal of the project is to build a Cave Story engine that lets you build portable mods (via Lua API, instead of hacking the executable or engine sources)...
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    Haru to Shura

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    (.org pack) Kero Blaster soundtrack transcribed to Organya

    yeah you're right, haven't noticed it, thanks! Also the soundtrack was made to sound good in Cave Story, problem with drums is they aren't really replacable...
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    (.org pack) Kero Blaster soundtrack transcribed to Organya

    Orginal arrangement by Daisuke Amaya / Studio Pixel. Organya transcription by me. You can freely use those songs in your mods, you don't have to credit me but it would be nice if you did. Listen online: updates: - v2: fixed instruments in - v3...