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    Possibly one of the scariest hell runs i will ever do.

    Oh how are you going to do this
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    Why does Curly ignore Quote?

    You don't consider it may be the fact that she wants him to live? For his sake? :awesomeface:
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    Cave Story 3D - New Stuff List

    I thin SSFIV 3D had it.
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    Cave Story 3D - New Stuff List

    This thread is essentially a list of the new stuff in Cave Story 3D, gameplay wise. Like, posting new locations of life capsules, major translation edits, new levels, etc. So post away! :) :toroko:
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    What caused the explosion in Egg Corridor?

    EGG CORRIDOR STORY Arthur was a great hero!... but he was also a scientist. As a scientist, Arthur took care of a whole bunch of Flying Dragon eggs in an Egg Corridor he built most of himself. His friend Igor worked with him to monitor the eggs too. When Arthur died Igor went mad and ate the...