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  • Hi DT here, I've noticed the last software has made it possible again for users to change their own usernames, but now with a new functionality allowing staff to approve or reject the change as it goes through. This has the potential to save a bit of hassle for everybody; however, in order for it to be worth leaving on it will need to not be abused. I request that all users continue to fulfill the general expectation of only requesting a new handle very occasionally, e.g. to fit in line with what they now use in most other places. The next while-ish will be treated as a trial period to gauge whether or not to keep it this way or change it back again (again).

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Hey andwhyisit~ Was there a way to embed orgs on the forum? I noticed the update on the site. Guessing it's just for the downloads page? Still neat.
I've added an org bbcode. Use it like [ ORG ] https : //domain.com/path/to/file.org [ /ORG ] without the spaces.

Nice! Seems to play! Though, only org I could test with was a link from cavestory.org. Almost any other filehost I've tried doesn't allow hotlinking org files, or something else is going on I'm not noticing. And attach files won't allow an org file to be uploaded...
Try using qu.ax, it worked for me.