The Contents of Azarachi

Jan 8, 2012 at 12:58 AM
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With the release of Azarachi in the AppStore, I decided to take a look at what was inside the app for those who are curious (even though it can be done in 10 seconds).

First, let me go over some term(s) that may or may not be familiar:
.ipa- The file extension for all iPhone apps. These can be legally purchased through the AppStore on your iPhone, or on iTunes, which can be synced to your iPhone

Payload- The folder where the main application rests

Here's what I found out so far:

Inside azarachi.ipa/Payload/

de.Iproj\words.txt- German translation
en.|proj\words.txt- English translation
es.Iproj\words.txt- Spanish translation
ja.Iproj\words.txt- Japanese text

PtNoise's- Sound Effects for the game

PtVoices's- Voices/music sounds for the music.

Wave Audio Files- Sound effects that cannot be done in PtNoise, such as spoken word. They also apparently

PTI files- The music for the game. This struck me odd when I first saw this. Why weren't they .ptcop's or .pttune's? I'm taking the guess that they use the .ptvoice's and the .ptnoise's that I mentioned earlier. But, for now, they seem to be a new music file. These include:
12:18 Noxid if I were to guess, I'd say this is a very condensed format
12:19 Noxid no metadata
12:19 Noxid just notes
12:20 SEBTi I actually found some stray .ptvoice's in it also
12:20 SEBTi in the app, I mean
12:20 Noxid those might be the instruments
12:20 SEBTi That's what I was thinking

Portable Graphics Network images (PNG)- Graphics for the game, including the font, the GUI, and sprite art. These include:
Default.png- The screen that comes up when you start up the app. Also known as the only loading screen in the game.
dialog.png- Has the black confetti stars, the Title screen title, "Ready? Go!" dialogue (in English, Japanese, Spanish, and German), the GUI (including the Background Music button, the "Next" button, the Game Center button {which has not been implemented yet, apparently}, and the flashy High Score GUI)
font.png- White font and big yellow numbers on a transparent background
icon.png- Completely transparent...? I have looked in the contents of other .ipa's, and their icon.png's are also transparent. Maybe it's normal...?
object.png- All of the keychains in the game and their animations, all of the obtainable items, the blood, the arrow, the sprite on the Game Over screen
wallpaper.png- The wallpaper for the game. Do I have to say more?
button.png- Buttons? On a game that doesn't even use them? This is even stranger than the .pti files. Well, we've seen some buttons on Rockfish, but why on here?
Outside of Payload/ (All other folders): These are the files that are basically in every iPhone App. All normal stuff.

iTunesArtwork- The image that appears in the iTunes Library and possibly is what appears on the iPhone/iPod Touch (?). In JPEG format, even though the file lacks an extension.

iTunesMetadata.plist- App info such as ratings, category, and developer name, etc.

tmp- ...? It has no items so I have no clue....

/Caches- Lack of items in the folder.
/Preferences- I would assume that this would have items if the app appeared in the settings app. Other than that, no clue due to lack of items.

/on_bgm- Background Music trigger
/death- Number of deaths?
/score- The best score that is saved (?)

If anybody would like to correct me on anything (specifically the items outside azarachi.ipa/Payload/, even moreso on azarachi.ipa/Documents), feel free to do so.
Jan 8, 2012 at 1:38 AM
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Jun 25, 2013 at 12:06 PM
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I got the beta of azarashi from 1998 onto my netbook, but what are the controls? 123 Do not work, Space goes through menus, and F11 pauses the game, but i cant find the controls for the actual game. Anyone know the controls
Jun 25, 2013 at 12:50 PM
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Jul 13, 2013 at 10:46 PM
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Well i don't think it really matters since they've never posted since then.
Also we have a report button for a reason, pls use it next time.