Super Vadimka VII: The Nightmares of The Current Continue

Feb 25, 2023 at 7:24 AM
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Developers: VadimBallzGame and HyperTheLoopa420 have released a new game. Super Vadimka VII: The Nightmares of The Current Continue, which is the final part about the adventures of the boy Vadim, the goal of the seventh part is to pass all 42 difficult levels, speaking of those who like very difficult games.

The next created sequel consists of more than 42 levels

The evil Doctor Kulik, resurrected from the dead and collected villains from other universes, such as the legendary Super Vadimka or Dio Brando. Now the main character. Super Vadimka, must stop Dr. Kulik once and for all.
The gameplay of the game follows the previous parts, but the graphics have become 3D and look more beautiful.