LoZ Theories and Whatnot.

Dec 1, 2009 at 6:04 AM
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I'm just taking a shot in the dark here guys, but there's nothing wrong with me using the Zelda forums, right?

So, from my previous thread, I see that Ocarina of Time and the Oracle games were pretty popular, so I'll start us off with some discussion on Koume and Kotake, the witch sisters, since they are common to both games.

1) As of Ocarina of Time, they are 400 years old.
2) In the Oracle games, we see them again as they attempt to resurrect Ganon.
3) They make a small cameo in MM, running the potion shop and swamp tourist centre.

Since 3) is an alternate-dimension type deal, I think it's safe to say it's unrelated to the real Witch Sisters. However, are the ones in the Oracle games the same as the ones in Ocarina?

If so, would that mean that the Oracle games are a direct (or almost) sequel to Ocarina of time? I believe that OoT is the game that can be pinned as the "First" in the timeline, and LttP is probably the last (Since it says the master sword sleeps again FOREVER).

If they are a sequel, I think they would belong to the "Child" timeline where link never got the master sword and did all that junk in OoT.

But if this is true, how did ganon die for them to need to resurrect him?? If not, how did they come back to life from Link whuppin' them?

Ack, every word I think brings ten new theories. Let's just stick with what I've got for now.