Hell Freezes Over

Aug 24, 2012 at 2:22 AM
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Here is the idea I have. It's fairly well developed, and if someone would humbly help a noob get Cave Editor work on a public library's Vista, that would help. So far, I've only dinked around in it. I can't get it to take the files from Cave Story (maps, ect.) but I can get the bmp.'s which is one of the things this mod doesn't edit.

Well, here's my walkthrough (And sorry in advance for my immature, off-topic humor. I was tired when I wrote this...)

Hell Freezes Over (mod) 6, possibly 8 endings! (If I use CS with the fourth ending)
➢ Game runs as normal, a.k.a. whatever ending you’ve picked
➢ Before the Misery, Doctor, Augmented Core boss fight, you can go down to the pipe below the stepping stones in the plantation. Float above the right pipe exit, and shoot down. You should hear a “Pft” as the block in your way breaks. Go up for air, and then back down through the pipe. There’s one square of still water where the block was.
➢ Go right, and down off screen. You should be on a little island surrounded by water. (Hopefully I can replace the save spot graphic here with the shell one seen in Ikichan.) You’ll see a save point to your left in the water, and a health refill to your right. You’ll read, “There’s a fish shaped keyhole in the door. Open it with the silver locket?” The door will open and you’ll be on a yet smaller island with a chest below. Open it, and it will say, “You got the capacitor! It seems out of place in this game. You got it from an underwater chest. It allows you to dash at certain times. Equip it? Y/N”
➢ You’re probably wondering, how will this help me get the aforementioned endings? I CAN’T EVEN USE IT WHEN I WANNA!!!
➢ Basically play the game through. Fight misery and head to the right wall. It will ask you if you want to dash. Yes will cause you to lightning bolt out the wall (It malfunctions, seeing it was underwater for a while), and fall down to where Kazuma is with his dragon. A bit of dialogue happens, Go save in the side room, you’ll need it. Now, go through Egg Corridor? backwards to the teleporter.
➢ Get to Arthur’s house, and then re-teleport to Grasstown.
➢ Remember that the Malco says “Come back for tea sometime?” We’re doing just that. He will say something like “ANOTHER BOMB? WHY? OH, NEVER MIND.” Then he will say, like previous, “I’LL NEED CHARCOAL, JELLYFISH JUICE, AND GUM BASE.” Go kill the Jiant Jelly to get the J.J. Then head to Santa’s house.➢ Now get this. :D You’re going to use the booster to go down Santa’s chimney because he’s locked himself in his house in fear. Use the J.J. when prompted, else you’ll die. You’ll inevitably get the coal from his fireplace a second time. He’ll let you out, and then promptly lock his door again. Head out, get the J.J from the J.J. and come back to the telleporter.
➢ Now, instead of the Chomping Mimaga saying “What am I doing here? Why, I wanted to chew on something” he’ll say” gum? You need this? And you’ll get the Gum Base. Then he will start chewing on something else and will default back to his previous dialogue.
➢ Save, then head back to Grasstown get the second explosive made. Malco will say “I STILL DO NOT KNOW WHY YOU NEED THIS, BUT USE IT WISELY” and he will give you the bomb. Save, and head to teleport back to Arthur’s.
➢ Go through Egg Coridor? up all the way and back through the hole you made.
➢ Go to the Prefab House. That one plank that falls though (in the original best ending) will squeak when examined. You’ll be asked if you want to place the explosive. Yes will make you walk outside. >BOOM!< and the inside will look like it does when the core is gone. But the core isn’t! Save. You’ll need to go through Hell and back. Literally. Drop down, you’ll notice you can fly back up into the prefab building (unlike in the original) and the counter will stop, and will start with the time you spent down there still tacked on to your run when you go back down.
➢ Along the way, you’ll find some differences. Screen doesn’t shake, blocks don’t fall, ect.
➢ Kill Ballos. All of the “Normal” things will happen. Except Curly will say, if you got the best ending, “The island’s rising” instead of “The island’s falling”
➢ Ballrog will come, and you’ll have the option to go with them or not.
➢ /Y will trigger Ballrog saying Huzzah!” and taking off with you. Ending rolls.
➢ /N will trigger “It’s your funeral, I’m out of here” and flying off without you.
➢ At the point where you have one square left between the closing walls, you’ll be asked, “Do you want to dash? Y/N” Yes will cause the capacitor to burn out and destroy all the blocks around you. Jump up on the one block bellow the door. Go out. Careful the spikes or you’ll Take 5tm.
➢ NOW this place is a mess. Blocks falling, screen shaking. And you have to do it Backwards. Good luck. Hell is now themed in Blue and
➢ Hopefully, using the Air100 system, I could create a Freeze 100 that starts when you stop moving, and stops when you start moving. It will be this way from now on.
➢ Falling blocks will be blue. Oh, and for the people who don’t want this to be “I Wanna Be The Guy-Impossible mode-, there’s a save point in the statue chamber. And (Hopefully) it’s blue! Hop on the fallen blocks back up into Hell.
➢ Play through Hell backwards. Blocks will be exactly where you can boost to with Vers. 0.8. no more, no less. On the final stretch up, the energy crystal blocks are frozen solid and make the “tink” sound when you shoot them. Go up, right up, left, up, right, up. Back into the
➢ Prefab building. The door has, like you saw before, been blasted off its hinges, so you can get out. Blue blocks fall from the sky.
➢ Now, the additional four endings possible-
➢ Run left with sue if you didn’t rescue Curly(if not, she won’t be there in the previous area- Hell.)<spoiler section 1>
➢ If you saved everyone (Curly’s extra damage, Toroko, King, ect.) and did fly off with Ballrog there is a modified ending. <spoiler section 2>
➢ You can take the dragon. This is arguably the worst ending ever (:<
<spoiler section 3>
➢ Going. All. The. Way. <spoiler section 4> You need Curly to do this ending. Good Luck. This ending is officially called “The point of no return”

I promise to post the spoilers when someone actually reads this through.
Comments? Concerns? Opinions? Help with production?
All are welcome.
Aug 24, 2012 at 3:21 AM
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Just to let you know, people aren't usually game to actively help you make your mod. However, there are tutorials available. When I first learned to Cave Story mod, I saw these videos:

And then I looked through this tutorial: http://n0xid.files.w...nners-guide.doc

After that, I knew everything I needed to in order to make my fourth ending mod on which you gave some thoroughly appreciated feedback.
Aug 24, 2012 at 5:07 AM
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More modding tutorials:

Aug 24, 2012 at 8:55 AM
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Most of that should be fairly simple, but changing the way air works will require hax and I don't think you can realistically have more than one sprite for one thing (although you could just edit a completely different sprite and use that to call the save event instead). Also, if you do release this, please include a save just before the edited parts because nobody will want to play through the whole game again just to get to them.
Aug 24, 2012 at 4:21 PM
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That sounds like an awesome idea, and unless you want to develop it alone, I'm interested in helping out whenever I have time.

Three comments:

One: The air/freeze thing would be simple enough to do with ASM (no need to even make a different death graphic!), I think the only difficult parts (for me at least) would be freeing up space for a new function, and making it use a graphic that says "Freeze" instead of the "Air" one. Just to clarify, I am probably the community's worst ASM hacker, but I am an ASM hacker.

Two: I love the idea of the island rising if you kill Ballos before destroying the Core. Why not make the frozen hellblocks fall up? It's And maybe do something interesting with the idea that the island is getting out of the atmosphere, instead of crashing. Could lead to some interesting problems.

Three: Asking if the player wants to dash is kind of vague. Maybe make it say something like, "Sparks are flying off of the =Capacitor=. Cross the wires?" How's that sound?
Aug 24, 2012 at 5:32 PM
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This seems like a good idea. But the only problem is that the very long drop and spike staircase in Scared Grounds B1. You would need the machine gun or epic skills to get up there.
BTW the endings part is rather hard to read, is English not your first language?
Aug 25, 2012 at 7:34 PM
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First off, I promised spoilers.
Sect. 1- You'll fall off the edge after sue, and be caught by the dragon. The island will go up off the screen, turning frozen as it does so. Role credits with sepia version of island flying.
Sect. 2- You will never kill the doctor. In fact, you won't even have to go through Hell backwards. Tell Ballrog yes, and he’ll fly with you. You’ll go rescue everyone, and Curly will talk a bit a bit until the Colons complain that it’s getting really cold. Misery will transport the occupants of the room + all the minagas to solid ground End screen will show them watching the island go up with the doctor, who’s powerless.
Sect. 3-You go with Kazuma. Pixellouge says, “Why would you go through all of that, and throw it all away? In their last moments, the minagas thought of you as a coward.”
The doctor’s powers have been broken. But not entirely. “Although Misery and Ballrog are no longer bound to my service, I still have this… Red Crystal!” However, because the Demon Crown has been destroyed, he doesn’t go berserk. He just lies there after you beat him. If you examine him, Pixellouge says, “You kicked him.” Doctor: “Ugh… I’ll kill you… Master…” Pixelouge: “He passed out.”(After this it will say that he is passed out.) Remember what Jenka said, a powerful spirit basically has to be killed twice. Ballos isn’t dead yet, and the doctor’s power isn’t strong enough to inhabit the core. Curly has to be with you to get this ending. AND FOR A GOOD REASON, TOO! :p The augmented augmented core battle takes place after new dialogue from <nowhere> “Misery… You know my strength will crush you if you don’t give in…” Misery: “NO!” Bolt of lightning + she’s knocked out. Sue walks in unconviently here. Curly yells: “Get back! And sue goes, “Ahhhh!” and barely makes it outside. Door is shut; keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle for a wild ride. This is <Sparta!> after all, Ballos, and not the doctor augmenting the core. He starts off with The Undead Core’s HP along with Ballos’ normal HP combined. (If this is impossible, I’ll just put a bit of dialogue between the core battle and when Ballos reincarnates.) Boss battle forms: (They’re a lot of ‘em):
1.Core various attacks
2.Hyperbeam (Pokémon reference not intended)
3.Ballos normal form is skipped, for good reasons, so no #3
4. Core main head disappears along with the orbiters. Crosshair appears, Ballos form 2, looking slightly core-ish (Hopefully) attacks, now with 50% more bats! (Really. This mod is batty.)
5. Orbiters appear around him, and act like eyes in Ballos-ish form 3
6. Flying angel creatures (whatever they’re called) fill the top of the screen, spikes bellow. Platforms around him appear, and you shoot and beat him.
Explosion, and Curly says, “Wake up, Quote! Wake up!” Quote, true to his role only says “…” and Curly yells, “Quote!” as you wake up, surrounded by all the minagas, Curly, Sue, Misery (Who survives) Balrog, Kazuma, Booster, the Gaudi shopkeeper (who fallowed you out of the Labyrinth somehow… Cockroaches survive anything) Mrs. Sakimoto, ect. in one of the beds in Arthur’s house. Roll credits. :D Congrats.
Oh also…
I hope to create a save spot (called Misery’s hollow) just above the hole you made in Misery’s wall. It has a health refill along with a new health pot. “There’s a note: Misery, should you ever break free of your curse, use this to bring you back from the brink of defeat. Love Jenka. Use it? It will refill your health once…”

Now, the responses.

HaydenStudios: The reason why I asked, "how did you get the maps directly from CS?" was because I had stupidly not unchecked the read only button, and CE crashed every time I tried to select CS. Problem Solved, thanks.

Doublethink: I intended to. The shell save point just before you get the =capacitor= should do. It's easy to go back up the pipe. One side will go up, the other down.. Unless I could get a switch working that would switch the water flow...

jed37: 1.No, I don't want to do this myself. I need your hacking skills for the Freeze system. I could try to figure it out myself, but that would slow down the already slow speed this mod will progress during this school year.
2.Also, frozen flying up Hellblocks will appear in this mod. That is, if it can be done. That's a great idea.
3. The =capacitor= text will read, "It seems out of place in this game. It was in an underwater chest" at the item menu, and text will say "sparks are flying off the =capacitor=. Do you want to cross the wires?" when you examine at the far right bottom square after beating Misery, and at the middle block just before you are squished. The Hell one will be part of the cutsene, so no examining there... Thanks for the great ideas.
SirGuy said:
Hop on the fallen blocks back up into Hell.
➢ Play through Hell backwards. Blocks will be exactly where you can boost to with Vers. 0.8. no more, no less. On the final stretch up, the energy crystal blocks are frozen solid and make the “tink” sound when you shoot them.
The'll be blocks to boost on in these 2 previously impossible backwards areas, and no, English is my first language. It just was hard to read because I was tired and had no one to proofread. (If only my brother was here. He'd help, he's an English Major.)Thanks to all who posted. Just to let you know, I'm one of those people who are really stubborn. Although some of the finer details may not come to pass, (like the different save spot sprites...) This mod will be completed. When, however, I can't say. We'll see how much homework I get, and how much the public librarians like me. :)

Edit: Edited the Plantation; the pipe needs some work... But the hidden room is there. I'll keep updating as I progress. When I get the basics, I'll post a link to media fire.

Edit: just to let you know, I got bored during a class and made these! :D

[attachment=260:Shell.jpg] This could be the save replacement for the under-Plantation room I was talking about.
[attachment=259:Ick.jpg]I think it's possible to throw in Ick. who gives the capacitor to you after he hears you beat his rival, Ironhead.

[attachment=258:Capacitor.psd] And here it is. What makes this mod possible. It's basically a =fuel cell= stolen from Jenka's nightmare, but there are some differences. It looks good enough. It is my new Profile pict, for those paranoid people who don't want to download strange files onto their computers.

Also, Sorry to the Admins, but I'm not going to let this thread get the "this thread is over 60 days old. Please go and find a soft pillow to cry into." message. I really intend to finish this mod. It may be unpolished when I first upload it, but It'll be usable.

And so I come back to check on this, and no one's posted support. When I post the mod, I'm quoting back to this thread. All my notions of putting some of this thread's posters into the credits have been wiped for now. We'll see how happy I am when this is done.

Still no posts? Well, for those people who would be reading this, I have now added Misery's Room on the balcony. The door hasn't been connected yet, but the platforms and passage to the room are there. I hope to have version 1.0 available soon.

I got the doors to work. I have learned much. I hope to have the first ending (The dragon one) done by the end of this week.

Off-topic, just saying... I think I broke the Longest Post Record. *Checks Guinness Book of World Records*

Capacitor doors added. I will test this, then add the dragon capacitor ending. The capacitor graphic will be the =Beast Fang= that HaydenStudios sneakily added for now. :D The door to the Egg Corridor does not have any new content after it yet.

6th ending will happen when someone actually plays the dragon ending through and likes it enough to help me get the island falling animation to be replaced with a island rising animation. The sixth ending should be easy enough...

Fifth ending release THIS NEXT MONDAY OR TUESDAY :D


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