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Can't use Nes30 controller anymore on Mac

Jun 22, 2018 at 10:22 PM
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I'm playing Cave Story for the first time on my Macbook pro. I have the Nes30 Pro Gamepad by 8bitdo, which connects to the computer by USB. To use it, I plugged it in, opened up the game, went to the preferences tab, and manually reassigned the controls from my keyboard to the buttons on the controller; I clicked on the input i wanted to change, then pressed the button on the controller i wanted to use. This stayed the same the first two times i used it, but after shutting my computer down and turning it back on, the control inputs have reset to my keyboard. When I click on an input and press a button on my controller, the game freezes for a couple of seconds, and when it resumes, the inputs haven't changed. What can i do to get this working with the game again?