Adding to CS knowledge. <SOU Commands

Mar 7, 2006 at 12:54 AM
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It would be great if this were complete ( so when I needed to find a specific sound effect I documented (poorly) what I was getting up till I found what I needed.

Here are some sound effects that can be used in Miza or Sue's workshop with the SOUXXXX commands. XXXX = the 4 numbers, following that normaly will be what the sound effect sounds like "ZAP!" (don't make fun of me for these I just want to help), then what I thought the sound effect was after listening to it over and over. Here we go. Oh "N" means nothing.

0000 nothing
0001 BLIP, sound of moving cursor while paused
0002 text sound
0003 bump head
0004 CHEE, weapon swich
0005 BleeP, sound when "yes or no" comes up, probably other stuff too
0006 Bee, ???
0007 Nothing
0008 Nothing
0009 N
0010 N
0011 Door
0012 CHKRA, sound of break block getting shot
0013 N
0014 BooWahh, some computer sound
0015 keh, jump
0016 Getting hit
0017 Sound of you dying
0018 Pwee, when you select somehting like "yes or no"
0019 N
0020 Health ammo refill
0021 bwhebwhe, sounds bubbly, probably an underwater sound.
0022 Chwweh, chest, life up, unlock door
0023 Pwah, sound when you land from a jump
0024 part of your walk sounds
0025 Pwah Che Che, ??
0026 low pitch DUMMMmm, moving blocks hitting wall?
0027 PWEEeHT, ???
0028 TEE, ???
0029 WhoooWooo, teleporter
0030 bweee, critters jumping?
0031 high pitch TINK, shot hitting something that doesn't take damage?
0032 TCH, polar star shot?
0033 FHROM, sound of jellyfish juice putting out fire? sounds like fire.
Thats all I have now, I'll update apropriatly, but I hope someone has a complete list. That would be sexy.