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  1. Jester Frog

    Say something nice about the person above you thread.

    Hasn't incurred the wrath of... me?
  2. Jester Frog

    What would you do if you were trapped in the sealed camber?

    Invite Quote in for a spot of tea so he can kill me. ...or we can just kick it together. There's less of me dieing in that scenario.
  3. Jester Frog

    Bottled Water

    Or buy a filter for the tap that you drink from, if you really think your tap water tastes that horrible. Or you know something's wrong with your water systems in your area.
  4. Jester Frog


    But there's no crumpets. Kage, you promised crumpets, I'm disappointed. No crumpets...
  5. Jester Frog


    What, cause I don't feel like violently raping every female creature under the sun like you? You better have thought that was a joke. Didn't I say I liked the eyes too? The pictures aren't enough to go off of for me, really.
  6. Jester Frog


    Okay, shit, I was wrong, let's move on. No, but I would based on choice of clothing, not just one jacket. She needs to have good taste. Or are we talking like, one time here and then you die or she dies or what? Quite frankly they all seem really violent, which is not the type of girl I am...
  7. Jester Frog

    It's a Mad Mad World...

    ... so anyone got MadWorld? Anyone have any interest in playing it? I can tell you, I got the game, and I absolutely love it. Sure sure, it's a tad short and there's some really (really) minor camera problems at times, but overall I think the good far outweighs the bad. So what are your...
  8. Jester Frog


    Are you capable of thinking to yourself "hey maybe this guy didn't have the time to read through all 50 odd pages of this thread and just wanted to make a point. Just because he made a bad call and used a little bad judgment doesn't mean I have to go apeshit on him." In any case, sorry for the...
  9. Jester Frog


    ... are you guys all arguing over who loves what character of an anime the most? Shit, I hate these arguments. I mean I could say I love some anime women as much as the next guy but come on, some people go psychotic defending themselves, and I find that really stupid. So hey, now that I've...
  10. Jester Frog

    The Mother of All Cave Story Questions

    Or we can go with the IT'S A GAME. LIVE WITH IT. idea. I doubt that Pixel really put that much thought into this. Nor most game designers. And Chrono and Zelda didn't ALWAYS have light sources.
  11. Jester Frog

    The Mother of All Cave Story Questions

    Okay, well that argument sort of went downhill quickly. Doesn't this argument apply to a bunch of other games with caves that have no visible light source? Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and Super Mario are all games (among many others) that are guilty of this at some point or another.
  12. Jester Frog

    Oh my gods win.

    Posts Per Day: 0.20 Yeah... Who cares? Is it really something to take pride over?
  13. Jester Frog

    Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

    Cool. I loved Dr. Seuss. I particularly remember reading Go Dog Go! Fox in Socks and If I Could Teach My Dog 100 Words all the time when I was little. And those are just the first that come to mind =P So, yeah, happy birthday Dr. Seuss! I bet your birthday wish was in rhyme too.
  14. Jester Frog

    3 Word Story Time (Again!)

    A polar bear masturbated quite serenely to Ninja Jesus wearing a sequined frog.. jewel.. thing. WHICH IS WHY they are monkeys Lays Potato Chips and vErY rAnDoM. Clippit suddenly became "Monkey Island 5" omega death ray of gaming perfection. The Masked Man named twelve-thirteen used PK STARSTORM...
  15. Jester Frog

    Cave Story FanArt

    I got 12%, honest. Some of the checks are kind of dumb though, really. And I get either Good, Neutral or Twisted on the other one. It's probably the the Germany and Engels thing which prevents me from getting Angelic. Excuuuuse me if I'm German and none of the other nationalities and I'm much...
  16. Jester Frog

    Animated Avatars.

    Only if you count that the animation being a bit jumpy and sprite being stretched is bugging me, then it's distracting.
  17. Jester Frog

    In this Topic we rate eachother's Avatars/Sigs.

    8/10 I still need to play The World Ends with You but it looks pretty freaking awesome without playing it. (but it is slow like MS sais) and well... you have no avatar so... nyeh.
  18. Jester Frog

    Last person to post here wins.

    Power abuse? That's not power abuse. I've seen way worse than cheating in a forum game. How about changing the name of a sub forum all the time and making the webpage background cans of Folger's Coffee Crystals?
  19. Jester Frog

    In this Topic we rate eachother's Avatars/Sigs.

    6/10 It's a wedge of cheese, so I guess it's fitting. Could be drawn better, I mean geez. 7/10 It's a reference to your mod right? I like it, though it's a bit big.
  20. Jester Frog

    Last person to post here wins.

    This ends one of a few ways: 1. There's a locking due to rowdiness 2. A mod locks it with him having the last post to seem clever. (though this may not work if it's set up so that mods can post in locked topics) 3. The topic becomes dead and sinks, and nobody posts in it until the forums...
  21. Jester Frog

    I'm Leaving.

    Awww. Well we'll all miss you... okay, maybe not everyone, but I will. :D Hope you get back on your feet soon and find a good balance between your internets and schooly work.
  22. Jester Frog

    Say something nice about the person above you thread.

    Exactly, that's why I'm on a forum at 11 PM replying to this message. So yes, I am making fun of myself/ being completely hypocritical. AAKid: Manages to pull off kindness and "I want to rape the world to hell" at the same time with his combination of post and signature.
  23. Jester Frog

    Say something nice about the person above you thread.

    The people who haven't heard it are the people who managed to keep a thing called a life intact after the onset of the internet. But, okay, I'll roll with that. Um... likes anime a lot but not to the point where I find it creepy? and AAKid, nice things aren't usually in the form of statistics...
  24. Jester Frog

    Say something nice about the person above you thread.

    Likes dog-girls apparently? You have to respect the slightly original taste. And I prefer: The Internet: Where Men are Men, Women are men, And children are sexual predators.