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    Most Well written Cave Story song.

    Most well written? Probably the final battle music. Most catchy and stuck in my head all day with serious awesomeness? Plantation.
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    Discovered CS on the Wii and not the PC?

    Like a year or so ago, I saw an animated Quote for an avatar on another forum, but I didn't look it up or anything, it was just an avatar to me. That doesn't really count as 'discovering' Cave Story, though. I saw Cave Stowii on TomBobBlender's Ustream the day it came out. Then... I bought...
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    Cave Story Wii Secrets

    Epic Animated Gif Face Comparison Why did they change Toroko so much? Also, the whole Sue/Quote face connection is pretty blatant, if you ask me.
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    Wallpaper I Made When I Was Bored

    What is your current disfunctional operating system, then?
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    Wallpaper I Made When I Was Bored

    (click to enlarge) Wii Cave Story spritesheets and Paint.NET are phun. I just discovered Cave Story about a week ago with it's release on Wiiware. Being the cheap person I am, I did some research and figured out the game was free on PC, and supposedly better in some ways. After downloading it...