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    Cave Story+

    Hi yall. So I hear console cave story used my boss rush, and that is cool. On 3/20/09 I sent this email to team nicolis, this is it copy pasted from my email. Firstly Cave Story is a magical game, It's got a place in my heart next to Mario 3 the first game I ever really loved. Thank you for...
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    Boss Rush (Again)

    Shear, if you can remember what power ups you got before monster x that'd probably help alot. If i can't find this quickly I'll probably give up. Xkeeper, whats up?
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    A Real Gosh Darned Community Project

    lol sure it will.
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    WTF story demo v 0.504

    No not at all! I mean it exactaly like i said it. This is so dope i never would have thought it possible, i hope to have my mind blown again in the future. Stuff like this could really open a new door in mods. Also hi too you too lace, get aim. Oh, and I've never really been gone. I just...
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    WTF story demo v 0.504

    Truely exceptional work with the portal gun. You're really raising the bar for what we can do with our hacks, hope others follow suit.
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    Money (adding and subtracting script) tuturial mod

    Correct Doublethink, and thank you.
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    Money (adding and subtracting script) tuturial mod Here you are Dooey. This thread makes me not want to help this community btw.
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    Is there any "boss selection" mod?

    Your welcome
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    Boss Rush (Again) :D
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    Is there any "boss selection" mod?

    Here Pick non-stop mode, stock up, then go through the right door. Many bosses require you to reset before fighting them again.
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    WTF story demo v 0.504

    Bad idea. Your mod has well defined clarity of purpose in its story and gameplay. Don't mess that up.
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    Boss Rush (Again)

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    Your favorite mod

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    Weapon Hacking

    "Energy crystal: 0x26A17 - Medium 0x26A1D - Large Note: These values are for how much a weapon energy crystal has to be worth in order to switch sizes." That doesn't work.
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    Potential TSC Hacks

    Sorry if this has already been suggested, but time jump. Jump to event X, after Y ticks. But the ticks only occur while events arn't running.
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    Sue's Workshop - New version in Development!

    Make it so the script has character count, and the edit entities part of the map counts how many entities per map. congrats shiny
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    Potential TSC Hacks

    IIRC (and i might not i messed with this a long time ago) there IS a event that's basically just <MLP, but it's when you use the map system from your inventory. Using the map button out in the open calls the map in some other way which i don't understand. I was thinking about lots of specific...
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    Potential TSC Hacks

    Oh lace, how about a tsc command that changes what the map button does?
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    Potential TSC Hacks

    How about a physics altering command. Run faster and jump higher.
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    Water Story

    I tested that, and it didn't work.
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    Entity in front of Quote?

    I don't think thats possible d4vz. I believe only map tiles can be in front of quote. If you find otherwise please post.
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    Weapon Hax Alpha

    I would also like it on record, your bubbler is pretty much the coolest thing to happen to cs modding yet.
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    Weapon Hax Alpha

    Love the new snake, its really trippy. What happend to blade tho? I thought it was going to stay in front of you.
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    WTF story demo v 0.504

    Don't get stuck on a name, keep going Gir.
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    The Dark Platform - After The Fact (Mod)

    Your lucky I like you, or that wouldn't be cool. Serious Face Face