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  1. lunaleaf

    Lately I've been playing CS listening to...

    Has anyone even listened to the "New" music in Cave Story + I haven't just because I can't listen to anything other than the original/remastered music while playing Cave Story. Wondering if it is any good at all.
  2. lunaleaf

    Phil Fish Leaves The Game Industry

    I do think he is overreacting with canceling FEZ II. I did enjoy FEZ and its many puzzles, I 100% [209.4% as the game says] today. Although I think he is overreacting with canceling it. I can see why he is doing it, in Indie Game: The Movie, he seemed to be an okay guy, he did have a mouth. But...
  3. lunaleaf

    Kero Blaster, A New Game by Pixel

    I'm very excited for this and cannot wait to play it. I feel like it'll become apart of the small number of games I have on my phone, it'll be nice to play something by Pixel while I'm out.
  4. lunaleaf

    How exactly did Balrog get dragged into the whole Demon Crown affair?

    I do agree with the whole Balrog magical familiar thing. I always thought he was that, I never thought he was a human or mimiga who was cursed, due to the fact that in the Labyrinth during the fight with the "black balrog thing" he kept his normal friendly huzzahing toaster shape. I always...
  5. lunaleaf

    Cave Story USB Drives

    Oh man I need one of these.
  6. lunaleaf

    Favorite Weapon

    Although I do really like the bubbline [bubbler whatever] for the fact it can make a shield and has very good range. It's not useful against bosses, and if you do get hit, it's reduced to nothing. Of course I do love the Spur, and consider it the best weapon. It's very useful even just to have...