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    The age old debate - Is CS based on Earth?

    :D I take it they b& you from regularly using coloured text? lol xD... Well, if we aren't assuming CS is based on our Earth, how come we apply our physical laws when we try to explain the phenomena that appear in THE GAME?
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    The age old debate - Is CS based on Earth?

    Yes we have, it's what the 200+ posts in this topic are (presumably) about. No it is not, it's perfectly possible if you open your mind a bit. ;) And hello again, my dear old CSmen.
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    Badly Drawn Adventure

    Badly drawn porno.
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    Questions and answers

    Dunno. whr 2 haev sax?
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    Read this shit now, it's fucking hilarious

    I love that website but there are other articles in there which are far funnier.
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    We need tags like this.

    Lol @ idea. Sorry, but those tags will only help in exaggerating an insult/hyper-sarcasm. Eg: FAIL.
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    Name suggestions for the Cave Story Wiki

    Cavewiki. Short, simple and does the job.
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    Bye for forever.
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    -=The Future=-

    I kept going rightwards and eventually fell off the map and was destroyed/never seen again. Actually I have no idea where to go now. Bugged version for me?
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    Who was Igor.

    Igor in his frenzied state is too huge for the door.
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    Your favorite quote (saying) in CS

    Epic bump. I don't know if anyone's mention this, but: ALSO:
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    Who was Igor.

    I thought we'd agreed that the mimiga on the Balcony was not necessarily Igor. =O
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    -=The Future=-

    NEEDS MOAR SAVEPOINTS/CLONE+TELEPORTMACHINETHINGS. I died 4 times on the Surface and I had to play from the cloning machine and redo the boss. >_>
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    Who was Igor.

    I always assumed that "Master" meant the Doctor. O_o
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    ... Imma be scarred for lief.
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    You don't see Quote at all when the door is forced open. :D
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    I found the line:
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    Define This!

    Is that even a word?
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    Fail, because the tags don't match. He was referring to my username ie Roonil Wazlib ie Ronald Weasley. *bows*
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    Who was Igor.

    Who would be the "Master" then? Besides, mimigas don't seem to even know of the Skydragons' existence, as is apparent after talking to the fat one in the Mimiga Village.
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    =D I posted in your mod thread btw, I got no favourable response. >_>

    =D I posted in your mod thread btw, I got no favourable response. >_>