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    Trainer to cavestory?

    My trainer: I really want them to add it to the tribute site =(=
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    Latest Cave Story Tribute Site Update and Forum Style

    Hey hey, in the guides/FAQs section on the bottom there's some programs like "Cave Story Cheats Guide and Files" and stuffs, any chance you could add my trainer?
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    I made a Cave Story trainer

    Thanks! Nah I probably can't do anything with the NPC junk if it involves more than changing a few integer addresses.
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    I made a Cave Story trainer

    Ok! Thee yeah have them be addresses or whateverrr, some other trainer program said like offsets or something and only had like 2 digits or something and was weird :3. Anyways yeah do that if you can, PM me or IM me on AIM: PsychicEspeon194 if ya wanna give me them. Yosh ^_^.
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    I made a Cave Story trainer

    nah it wasn't a Delphi project (if that means what I think it is) I just used some trainer maker after someone said they wanted someone to make a trainer for the game ^^; yosh :3
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    I made a Cave Story trainer Yay ... Just noticed I spelled "your" as "you're" in it though -_-; oh well! My friend Nora made the art on the side, which I forgot to credit her too >_<; She doesn't mind though ^^;. sooo ya if the owner of the site ever updates the...