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    Mod: Caveoholic!'s recent addiction/The Origin of Evil (Final Version)

    Uh... I downloaded it, but nothing seems to be changing. No extra monsters or anything... EDIT: Oh, wait, sorry. It's just that I downloaded the wrong thing. I meant t odownload the extra difficulty mod thing.
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    MOD: Cave Story Boss Rush

    I don't really mind those monsters there. Actually, I think it makes the battle more fun, how you have to jump around and avoid all of the bullets. Well, come to think about it, now, they can be annoying if you're playing to get records...
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    Cave Story played with keyboard

    I played the Cave Story theme, once, on the Nintendogs keyboard. xD
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    Grasstown ALA NES

    Wow, Osmose. Beautiful. You have some great talent. However... I think you uploaded a wrong version, or it just ends oddly. I'm not complaining, your music is awesome. Off-Topic Edit: How do you change your avatar? When I try to, something like 'Don't use an Avatar' is checked, and I can't...
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    Grasstown ALA NES

    Wow. You seriously think that's bad? And other people...? It's... Awesome...
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    Grasstown ALA NES

    What's wrong with that one(Gravity3.mp3)? I think it's really good, and I don't find anything bad about it...
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    Grasstown ALA NES

    That's a really nice remix. I really like it, an in my opinion, I like it better than the remix in the project, which I liked more than the original... So, uh, good job. Are you planning to make any more?
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    Cave Story: Legacy (or something like that)

    It looks pretty cool, so far. The hand 'weapon' I guess is a nice little feature, since I like to walk around towns empty handed... I also like antagonist, the little cat thingy >_>. Well, good luck with scripting, and whatever everything else may be. I think this mod has potential...
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    Cave Story "2"

    Uh... I don't mean to revive an old topic... But... Is Cave Story 2 ever going to get fixed? That room with the Enraged Mimiga...