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    What's Pixel's email address

    no serri reply yet? Damn it!!!
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    We need a new means of account verification.

    The forums are dead...
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    Cave Story FanArt

    I made some Cave Story beta inspired models out of practice while learning Blender for a bit. Red Dragon (Flapping wings) Red Dragon (Idle/Yawning) Su/Sue Spinning Blade Gun Dog Vulkan/Machine Gun Oscar/Puu's Magical Sidekick
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    A new version is available for play on the op. However much like the previous versions that were distributed by enlight, this version is also a stress test specifically aimed at the first dungeon and the first couple maps. Aside from a few tsc errors, the first dungeon is fully completed...
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    The NEW post your picture thread

    woodenrat getting down with the classic post-apocalyptic bunker pictures
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    Favorite game of 2017?

    Breath of the Wild is the best one of the year for me. I still haven't beaten it, yet I've been playing it pretty frequently.
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    Time to have a picnic

    Time to have a picnic
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    Thanks for trying it out! That version was a stress test for that weapon in particular; also just experimenting a system where all the characters just start with the same weapon and eventually get their own weapons. I later found that to be counter-productive: Characters will be having their own...
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    Apologies for the lack of adding a new download link. A new version should be out pretty soon, with a ton of new content additions. I've just been quiet about it for a little while now. Happy holidays
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  12. Ocs2


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    Cave Story: The Other Story

    I'm not understanding why you continue to choose to make posts like these. I think it's all in your head and honestly, antagonizing us for your faults publicly like this on a forum like it's some discord chatroom isn't very effective either. If you think that this community is toxic garbage, I'd...
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    Cave Story: The Other Story

    Do what you wanna do! If you think adding your vision or justice upon others and think that'll fix anything, go for it man. There's no stopping to what you want to do, but if you're able to go around pointing out about people's behaviors, creations or opinions and being rude about it, I figured...
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    Cave Story: The Other Story

    Right, and doing this would make how much of a difference? Probably not much, at least when you don't have powers. I also believe this is termed as "back seat modding", but I'm not quite sure. Haxx was warned about doing something like that in the past back in May. But what my point is to all...
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    Cave Story: The Other Story

    You definitely are allowed, you are free to say what you want. However, what you're pointing out isn't accomplishing anything, neither is this post. Whenever I see your posts on a mod thread, it generally doesn't even relate to the mod itself, but more towards pointing out and trying to justify...
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    Cave Story: The Other Story

    So what you're saying is that we shouldn't have the ability to express what we want to say? I usually try to stray away from saying anything notably negative (and when I do out of impulse, I just end up deleting the post anyways) but the posts you're making like these are getting ridiculous...
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    Official CSTSF Thanksgiving Modcon 2017
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    The download link in the OP has been updated. There is a new 'playable' version bundled with the original .02 version, however it is slightly buggy and unstable in some areas.
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    Thank you, most importantly. While I would like to hold back on as much information about the progress as possible, I can guarantee that there is another race/class added in the mod for the next version.
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