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  1. SilverWav98

    What? why? :l

    What? why? :l
  2. SilverWav98

    Pursuit Racing

    Mind improving olot on this game? I dont mean to be mean.
  3. SilverWav98

    Ghost kitten adventure 2 =FULL GAME=

    Ill check it out, once I get the chance.
  4. SilverWav98

    Cave Story Forum irc help

    I need the address cuz im not using esp irc client im in a mobile phone Nevermind, I got it thanks.
  5. SilverWav98

    Cave Story Forum irc help

    Im new here and there was a thread about the IRC, I want to get in but there was no address displayed can anyone please tell me the address?
  6. SilverWav98

    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    I found out by playing the Wiidemo of one, it was amazing. Later I played it for the psp and finished the game completely. I love it and its music