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    Hello, are you still alive?

    Hello, are you still alive?
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    Dreams Below (First Demo)

    Serri just recommended this mod. Is it still in development?
  3. Facepic3


    Could someone please shade this to CS style CS shading is dumb
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    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    That bug should be posted in the BL thread so they can try and recreate it.
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    PSA: Don't Use Cave Story+ Graphics In Your 2x Res Mods (etc.)

    Oh yeah, I just thought, where did this idea of not using sprites from a game that is being sold come from. Did Tyrone ask us not to or something? I'm asking because sites like show that the idea "oh, they're from a SOLD GAME, best not use them" is not universal
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    I Wanna Be The Story [DEMO No.2]

    I'd say that you're just getting better at modding and that's why people like it right off the bat. I'd also note that there are less cutscenes before gameplay/retries which allows you to get in a good groove, especially in the Grotto. That was just a genuinely fun area too
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    three noticed flaws in cs+

    One of the Monster-X/Undead Misery fish missile sprites has un-rescaled eyes. Like one of the directional frames has pixely square eyes. This is from WiiWare to Switch now, and even in Halloween Mode "Why did you send them your own rescaled graphics for Jenka's Nightmare+ they have their own...
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    Jenka's Nightmare - Done. *mic drop* []

    Does anyone have a video of the normal ending? I realized I never watched that ending (cause I always went to the best one) but on my new computer I don't have a save for it and I don't wanna replay the whole game yet (because I'm only gonna do an indepth review thing next time I play)
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    Infinite Booster and 255 Health Sacred Grounds Time

    It can technically be a record if other people try it too.
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    Cave Story ~ Beta Graphics Mod

    Is the fang item ever in this mod? If not, I think I know what to put in in my update.
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    Also, what is different between CS B Cion and CS B Original?

    Also, what is different between CS B Cion and CS B Original?
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    I will try to make Cave Story Beta Graphics Version 1.3 which includes -Fixed Typos -Su- using...

    I will try to make Cave Story Beta Graphics Version 1.3 which includes -Fixed Typos -Su- using Scuba Sprites in Labyrinth M and Core (I mistook her for Kanpachi, lol) -Glasses Puu as Puu Black or Unused Balrog Boss -Oscar as Kulala -Sand Zone Enemies Blue Eyes -Chie and Blue Monster Portraits...
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    Random Modding Ideas Thread

    I found out in Iron Bond that bat respawners (like in Last Cave) work the other way around, so there's another idea for Iron Head/Outer Wall.
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    Need help contacting Nicalis - anyone here done so?

    Link please? I don't want to hassle him about it
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    Need help contacting Nicalis - anyone here done so?

    I was just thinking about this today, and so... Why is it okay for Nicalis, Tyrone, and Mark to just ignore me like that? Like, I don't think I've ever come across as confrontative, only eager and/or confused. Also, I have to admit that there are a few things that are preventing me from just...
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    Comment by 'P-Tux7' in media 'Somebodyendmyexistence'

    Pretty good except his face should probably be curly sized i.e. resize it so the lower left corner isn't so empty
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    Random Modding Ideas Thread

    I thought that you can use certain NPCs (like Ravil Toroko, Muscle Doctor, Balcony Igor, and Ballos 2) combined with autoscrolling to make a room like in Yoshi's Island 6-8 with Tap Tap the Golden. Also, is it possible (without custom entities) to make a NPC die when it touches something like...
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    Actually, I forgot that the Puu you used for Balrog had a facepic, sorry. So the glasses one...

    Actually, I forgot that the Puu you used for Balrog had a facepic, sorry. So the glasses one should be for Puu Black I think. Also, want me to make that cloud thing (Oscar) over the Kulala?
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    What was the Story of Cave Story Beta

    Aren't Misery and several scientists already in the game?
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    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    Hint for first room= instead of using your horizontal boost all at once, tap it and let your momentum carry you. You can also do this vertically by boosting up a little, letting go, hold right, and then move back to up arrow to boost up a bit again (move to arrow before boosting so you don't...
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    Random Modding Ideas Thread

    I meant something that's really powerful (Not Polar Star, I mean blade-powerful) at Level 3/MAX, but useless at Level 1. Also, with the 2 EXP requirement, meaning that it's easy to level up but not to keep.
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    Random Modding Ideas Thread

    You have been banned. Also, a Spur version of the Blade or a Nemesis version of any other weapon would be cool. Also, how about some Reverse Nemesis weapons. To use them, you better hope the boss drops EXP or you'll have to do a perfect run.
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    Random Modding Ideas Thread

    It turning into "Cave story but stupider except for the Wear the Panties mod that one was a great idea"
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    Think about this for a second: Would you consider a CS plush toy line a good idea or a bad one?

    Aw God that sucks. I hope that you upload it to here so that people who WANT to appreciate it can. Also, don't tell yourself it sucks, because it was a heartfelt presentation about a bleepy bloopy 2D PC platformer and liking it so much you make more of it. Most middle schoolers are gonna say...
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    who wrote the note by the map?

    yeah but what I was saying was that it was probably a message from Pixel but it is weird because it doesn't say who owned the cabin