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  1. TheXaman

    Show off your org music...

    awesome! Never thought one could hear obesity :D
  2. TheXaman

    What the heck is Balrog?

    He's soap ... Soap MacTavish *badum tsss*
  3. TheXaman

    E3 2015

    Looking forward to Fallout 4, Shadow Warrior 2, the new Deus Ex and Dishonored 2 :)
  4. TheXaman

    MultiCave - Cave Story Multiplayer

    Great project man! Hope you'll be able to finish it!
  5. TheXaman

    Fallout 4

    I must admit that I'm pretty excited for this game, eventhough it's not the prettiest game shown at the E3. And I agree, TES VI will probably be released between 2018 and 2020 :(
  6. TheXaman

    Vacation <img src=''...

    Vacation <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  7. TheXaman

    Is it coming to any of the main digital distributors?

    I'd love to play this game on my 3ds. For me the controls feel the best and most direct on the 3ds :)
  8. TheXaman

    Cutest thing in Cave Story?

    I like the elephants in the egg corridor and Ma Pignon, eventhough he's a bit aggressiv :D
  9. TheXaman

    Which character do you think should get their own game?

    I'd love to see Misery in her own game too! In my opinion the charakter has a lot of potential for a standalone. But to be honest, I would love any new Cave Story game :D If anyone watches MXRs Mod Spotlights, you know Ma Pignon made it outside of CS ^^
  10. TheXaman

    Vote for Quote in SSB

    Hope dies last, so why shouldnt we try to get Quote into SSB ?bI know its not likely but there is nothing to loose and a success would be absolutely amazing!
  11. TheXaman

    Geobox Engine getting ready for public use

    Hey, This engine is an absolute work of beauty! Looks positivley great and I'd love to mess around with it :)