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  1. Felidire

    Artwork and Stuff

    I'm guessing you like cats, so... I have created for you-- The Noxidian Battle Cat! xD
  2. Felidire

    Artwork and Stuff

    I believe you are correct, so I made a few slight sober cosmetic adjustments. x3 I think they both look(ed) a little screwed up tbh.
  3. Felidire

    Artwork and Stuff

    Drew this one last night at 3am whilst extremely intoxicated.
  4. Felidire

    Cave Story with a fourth ending

    I think you did a very good job, I couldn't find any serious glitches or loose ends, and I spent a good hour or two running around in places I wasn't supposed to, so nice work. x3 Only thing that confused me was that I didn't have any rope on me by the time I reached Curly in hell? (I'll just...
  5. Felidire

    No fap 2012.

    Even if you made it through the entire year, the only thing you would've accomplished would be a slight elevation in your risk of developing prostate cancer as an old man.. (What did you expect happens when certain bodily tubes go unflushed for 365+ days? You'd gain the ability to shoot rainbows...
  6. Felidire

    Cave Story with a fourth ending

    I almost wish that were an official ending, it's almost what I imagined as the most ideal ending. Anyway, I skimmed through the OP spoilers to get the gist of what needs to be done, i'll try it out later once i've forgotten the specifics. Should increases the chance of me running into any...
  7. Felidire

    No fap 2012.

    Who the hell came up with this? ... Well, this is my first time hearing about it, and I didn't make it beyond 15 minutes. If you're in a +7 GMT timezone - or below, then i'd already lost before you guys even made it to 2012. Anyway, if there's no cash-incentive-reward-goodness, then i'll opt...
  8. Felidire

    The flowers in Arthur's house.

    I do remember one of the characters saying he was killed by a red demon, but I have no idea who said it. I don't think the demon had anything to do with his death but i'm positive someone did say that - just wish I remembered who..
  9. Felidire

    The flowers in Arthur's house.

    I swear someone implied that he was killed by the red demon... No matter, I always felt that it was the doc who killed him directly. We did? I always thought it was the doctor who sent him flying (I also assumed that he killed Arthur in the same way.) All we see is Misery flying off, and then a...
  10. Felidire

    This game begs for some sorf of online co-op or maybe deathmatch mode.

    Co-op really would be a fun element if anyone were actually not lazy capable enough to impliment it. It doesn't need to be some feature-rich and elaborate modification, in fact i'd disable player 2's ability to trigger interaction-based events/flags; if that were too hard then i'd disable their...
  11. Felidire

    Any particular reason for that? I get a laugh. It keeps the thread at the top of the list for...

    Any particular reason for that? I get a laugh. It keeps the thread at the top of the list for someone other than myself to delete. It's better than posting spam in threads of non-spam like the minority of other members.
  12. Felidire

    The flowers in Arthur's house.

    Well they appear to grow in every other subterrannean/indoors area just fine. I also doubt they thrive on sunlight, and there's a pool of water a few steps across so I couldn't see them wilting from being cultivated in someone's basement. (Maybe that's his secret hydroponics system..) XD They...
  13. Felidire

    The BEST version of Cave Story?

    I'm not a huge fan of steam; no one to chat with anyways, and I find achievments somewhat irritating, every game seems to have them nowadays. Also, I haven't checked, but do you require internet connection to play CS+ ? 'cause it'd be a real inconvenience if I were moving house, if the power...
  14. Felidire

    If Sue and Itoh turn into Mimiga and back every time they sneeze

    I find it funny how Kazuma believed that "killing the core would cause them to revert from their transformed state" - I don't see how that's even remotely relevant? =/ Also, I always viewed it as a bit of a cliff-hanger. Their transformation back into humans was temporary, an indication that...
  15. Felidire

    The flowers in Arthur's house.

    So you're accusing him of propagating organic steroids in his basement? xD Actually it kinda reminds me of how I never drink the last can (or two) of beer. If some screwed up country started dropping nukes or invading and killing everyone, at least I can enjoy a last drink. Now lets say I was...
  16. Felidire

    The BEST version of Cave Story?

    Because of the fact that you can modify CS+ to include the original dialogue, whilst using either normal or hi-res sprites, CS+ would've been my choice.. But I do prefer the original dialogue and you shouldn't have to spend time modifying a game that you paid for. The original costs nothing...
  17. Felidire

    Horrible Cave Story review

    Except in this reality, Misery is a hooker - and the "crown" is actually an inflated "Okamoto product" which attaches via elastic band to the forehead! (Damn Japan, they make superior everything!) >.>;
  18. Felidire

    The Docter Lives!?

    YOU PERVERT! How was it powered by Ballos? It was an extract from the red flowers which the doctor concentrated into a crystal? I kinda got the impression that the doc was made permanently dead after you killed him the third time - in the very least, I doubt he'd ever be heard from again even...
  19. Felidire

    Switch to IPBoard?

    Never really been a fan of IPB, and layout-wise, i've always been partial to vB - but it's not my site, and I recommend doing whatever makes life easier for you guys. It's not like it'd be costing me anything, so...
  20. Felidire

    Horrible Cave Story review

    I read it a while back as well, I laughed my ass off - particularly at this statement:
  21. Felidire

    No idea who/where the original artist/picture is, but it cracks me up every time I look at it. xP

    No idea who/where the original artist/picture is, but it cracks me up every time I look at it. xP
  22. Felidire

    Everybody copies my signature.

    No clue what you're on about.
  23. Felidire

    Ballos is insanely hard without missiles.

    Are you supposed to use missiles? Because I've only ever used the sword (and curly) in hell runs. Never tried it on hard mode though.. Not sure i'd like to either. XD
  24. Felidire

    League of Legends

    The only thing I know about LoL is that two of my acquaintances were rather heavily addicted to it. xD Private Servers. Personally, the fee never really bothered back me when I played it; seeing as how i'd just sell my gold, and then turn over 4-6 times more than what the monthly sub would...
  25. Felidire

    The NEW post your picture thread

    I uploaded this for another site, and as much as I hate pictures, I guess it doesn't hurt to post it here. [/spoiler]