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    2 month late reply Here I am

    2 month late reply Here I am
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    Expect the sueing papers in 3-5 business days. Edit: Holy fuck there's Cave Story emoticons now.
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    I see Captain Fabulous returned. No surprise there.
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    What'd I miss
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    Rate the Random Music of the User Above You

    Re: Rate the song of the person above you Don't we have another one of these already? (Merlinoboy started it I think but still.)
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    New Forum Smilies

    Re: Green smiley face. Fuck them all only the text smileys are where its at.
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    Your avatar. It's also anime.

    Your avatar. It's also anime.
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    niggas b wantin mah pixulz.
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    To further increase my self ego BEAT IT also
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    I`m bored

    June 18th, 2010, 07:42 AM WHAT
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    I haven't played this game in a year, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say press Down or Up.
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    I beat this game 100% like a year and a month ago. I was actually attempting to stream Spelunky on Ustream, and while being a fool and trying to do it full screen, my computer froze, I commenced to rage my fist-smashing my keyboard. However, there is a little wooden part over my keyboard (since...
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    Favorite area.

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    It doesn't count when Merlinoboy is one of them.
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    >implying thats a big number
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    I saw that too. I think it was on World's Dumbest or something. >implying this forum will become popular enough that it would be necessary.
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    I'm against an infraction system, especially on a forum of this size. Another forum I'm on that has an even smaller amount of people doesn't use one either, since nothing ever happens. Setting up a set-in-stone policy for how infractions work will lead to more conflict than a case-to-case...
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    cool 404 errors.

    I have XP. Internet browsing has next to nothing to deal with your operating system. I blame IE. It's been doing this for ages now, and I have no idea how to change it.
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    Your Cave Story Videos

    Yeah, a lot of sound cards don't let you see a Stereo Mix option (what you hear) which makes recording your sound impossible. (I've looked into this a lot; for me at least, there's no way around this, other than getting a new video card.)
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    Pooh Black - Help!

    I'm pretty sure I just used the bubbler for my 3hp run. Spam shooting the polar star/fireball/blade and cycling through the weapons with a trigger finger might be a good idea. It also kinda just comes down to luck.
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    cool 404 errors.

    My computer is gay and just goes to a search engine.
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    Just ban merlinodicks already. We all know it's him. >Mephiles fan boi >Posts on same stupid...

    Just ban merlinodicks already. We all know it's him. >Mephiles fan boi >Posts on same stupid threads he started/doesn't contribute to >Lack of grammar >Trying to propose a solution he's probably thought of months in advance.
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    I feel horrible for having to do this...