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  1. SkyeWelse

    La-Mulana 2 Kickstarter Announced

    Glad to see some La Mulana 2 backers here! It's a great project. :) I first found out about La Mulana on this very forum actually, way back in 2006. I feel that just like Cave Story, they are both made by Indie Japanese developers and released as Freeware originally, but were just so well made...
  2. SkyeWelse

    Kickstarter (10 days left!) The Untold History of Japanese Video Game Developers

    Hehe, Oh I'm still around! : ) I'm just a man of many of many hobbies and limited time to work on them all. Thanks for the posts and interest so far. I'm really hoping this kickstarter is successful. I definitely understand the money situation. I'm finding myself in a similar situation myself...
  3. SkyeWelse

    Kickstarter (10 days left!) The Untold History of Japanese Video Game Developers

    Hi Everyone, John Szczepaniak, an editor from Hardcore Gaming 101, Retrogamer, and GamesTM, is going to be writing a new book that focuses on getting a great deal of new information and material from various Japanese developers working in the gaming industry for the last 30 years. His goal is...
  4. SkyeWelse

    Will you get Cave Story 3D?

    Originally when I had heard about Cave Story 3D, I was very excited, but then I heard it was going to be a 3DS launch title and I wasn't planning on getting the 3DS system unless there was a price drop. Well, the price drop happened much sooner that I anticipated and I picked one up for about...
  5. SkyeWelse

    Cave Story+

    Hey X-Calibar. Looks like you were right. All I had to do was "man-up" and keep trying and sure enough I was able to tackle hell again. : ) Though there was this one really frustrating situation in which I literally got Ballos to 1 HP left before getting knocked off by flying mesa... And sure...
  6. SkyeWelse

    Cave Story+

    Hi Everyone, It's been awhile. Hope you are all doing well. I just finished beating the Core and got the normal ending tonight in Cave Story + for the Mac. Couldn't resist seeing new content added to the game and the graphics and sound have surely been improved since that last few times I've...
  7. SkyeWelse

    The Cave Story Forums and Tribute Site Are Moving

    As Andwhyisit mentioned earlier, this process will be ongoing and it will be finished when it is finished. My plan is to close the forum down either tonight or tomorrow morning. It will then reopen when everything has been tested to be working correctly over at Andwhyisit's place. Hmm, I...
  8. SkyeWelse

    The Cave Story Forums and Tribute Site Are Moving

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to officially announce that the Cave Story Tribute Site and the Cave Story portion of the forums are now under new ownership and will be moving away from MG.Net. The new owner, administrator and webmaster is Andwhyisit, who has purchased his own server space and...
  9. SkyeWelse

    *Read First* Threads about Hacking Cave Story for WiiWare

    This will be the last post regarding the WiiWare hacking/modding issue. That is at least until I can have an opportunity to discuss future plans of this forum with my fellow administrators, namely S.P. and Andwhyisit. I'm not blind to your concerns, but you must understand that even while I may...
  10. SkyeWelse

    *Read First* Threads about Hacking Cave Story for WiiWare

    Sorry, but that's the way it is going to have to be. There's nothing stopping you from figuring this stuff out for yourself and modding what you personally own. But there is a problem with discussing how one would go about doing that here at this forum. Even if that wasn't the intent to pirate...
  11. SkyeWelse

    *Read First* Threads about Hacking Cave Story for WiiWare

    I'll most likely be monitoring this place for a little while. But I don't plan to stay around that long. I'm very busy and I don't have time to monitor this community, let alone other communities that I may wish to remain active in. So that's why this point needs to come across now so that it...
  12. SkyeWelse

    *Read First* Threads about Hacking Cave Story for WiiWare

    What is there to question? Pixel-san worked closely with Nicalis to license the game and create new graphical content for the WiiWare version. Pirated content from Nicalis is the very same as pirated content from Pixel-san. The only thing that is considered "freeware" is what Pixel-san...
  13. SkyeWelse

    *Read First* Threads about Hacking Cave Story for WiiWare

    .pbms are graphic files ripped from the game. They are different from taking your own screenshot. So screenshots would be fine, just as they would be from any other website reviewing the game. However, graphics ripped from the game are files that are the intellectual property in question and...
  14. SkyeWelse

    *Read First* Threads about Hacking Cave Story for WiiWare

    It has come to my attention that several threads and discussions have opened up in the Cave Story Hacking/Mods sections regarding hacking into the WiiWare version of the game and releasing pirated content for use on the PC. I do not condone of these actions in the least as not only is it a...
  15. SkyeWelse

    Who's sexy in Cave Story?

    Thread Closed. Man I am so sick and tired of having to retell the same rule about Sexual Content being prohibited on these forums. Seriously, if I see too much more of this, I will start banning members permanently who I see break this rule. There are members on this forum who are women and they...
  16. SkyeWelse


    Thanks Jay City. Glad you got unstuck and thanks for posting those. Maybe they'll help someone else down the line. : ) Solomon Shrine is a bit tricky due to all the backtracking they make you do. -Thomas
  17. SkyeWelse

    No Post Count

    I didn't change anything having to do with the post count in the Cave Story Discussion Forum. If it worked before and now it doesn't, I really have no idea what could be going on with that. Are you sure you aren't referring to posts that you made in topics or threads that may have been moved...
  18. SkyeWelse

    Cave Story Erotic Literature

    Sorry guys. I don't approve of any type of Erotica being written and distributed on the forum. Good intentions or not. Find a separate venue to discuss that type of content. Thread Closed.
  19. SkyeWelse

    Deaths in games that make you feel stupid.

    Hehe. : ) Nice Topic. I thought about it for a moment and then it hit me. There are three of them that all come to mind as being the worst ones. These three things are hands-down, the absolute dumbest, most stupid and ridiculous things I have ever done in all of my video game playing years: 1...
  20. SkyeWelse


    It's fine with me, though it might be nice to have both available just in case. Matter of fact, I thought that we had already made that change and added a button for the new spoiler tag. Either way, whichever looks the best is fine with me. -Thomas
  21. SkyeWelse

    The Legend of Zelda: The Shadowgazer

    Well hopefully something will come out of his efforts in this project. It does look very polished and it definitely made me want to play it very badly! : ) Thanks for sharing X-Calibar! Hopefully Nintendo will do something with it, make it a WiiWare title or DS title, something of the sort. But...
  22. SkyeWelse

    Reshaper256's Thread of Stuff Going

    Thanks for the write up about your part in the Zelda 3C project Erockbrox. Sounds like you really enjoy the level design aspects of the project. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us and I'm happy to hear that progress is still being made on the project. I may not always post that...
  23. SkyeWelse

    Misery/Curly Image

    Well after trolling through an otherwise complete waste of time worth of posted arguments over the issue, I was asked to look into this and make a decision. Shirofan is the one who first came up with the rules, many of which are not detailed because they cover more ground that way in the...
  24. SkyeWelse

    Welcome to the Darkside Translations Forum!

    Indeed, congratulations on completing the English Trial. : ) -Thomas
  25. SkyeWelse

    No problems Schokobecher. I'm not angry or anything. Also, thanks for the apology. It means a...

    No problems Schokobecher. I'm not angry or anything. Also, thanks for the apology. It means a lot to see someone take the time to say something like that. I'll try not to be as serious regarding the forums, but I'm a pretty serious guy. I'm usually all business. : ) -Thomas