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    Mac freeware version updated

    sorry for the bump and to bother you, but does it work with the latest version of mac, Big Sur? if not, do you know if NXEngine can be ran on Mac OS or anything? i'm trying to play the game on a macbook with that version, and there is little information on it. any help is appreciated, thanks!
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    Cave Story for Mac OS 11.0.1?

    Thank you for the information! It seems I just hadn't read much into it :) The NXEngine should work right? I can't really find the Mac Port for it, and the link on the tribute site brings me to a confusing Github page, so if you know anything about it, I'd love some help with that ^^'. When it...
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    Cave Story for Mac OS 11.0.1?

    My girlfriend recently updated her Macbook to version 11.0.1, and the English translations ports won't even open. Before she updated it, the 0.1.0 English patch didn't work either. Any solutions to this? Has anyone ran into the same problem? I don't think she would want to use Wine, so any help...
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    Having issues with CaveSaveConverter

    I am trying to get my Cave Story savefile from Windows to Mac, but I really have no experience using this program, and the readme file isn't dummy-proof. Can I get any examples of using it? I already installed Python 2.7, which seems to be the version that works, but I really can't seem to...