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  1. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story USB Drives

    Haven't been active on these forums for ~4 years, but logging in to say that I need one of these.
  2. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story+ Beta Testing

    Is this still open? I'd like to test the Mac version... (been playing Cave Story way since 2006!)
  3. innocent.bystander

    [MA Winner] <(Schism)> - Demo 1.0

    Re: - Demo 1.0 Braiinnsssssss....
  4. innocent.bystander

    Mod: The Wrath of Revorshkenahl

    Hey everyone, I'm back after a few years after my friend referred me to this mod. It looks super cool. Just something to know: the final Mac version has a corrupted Info.plist file. Here is a fixed version.
  5. innocent.bystander

    Ikachan for DSiWare?
  6. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story Wii Secrets

    Gotta love the crying Balrog. The new one.
  7. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story Wii Secrets

    Sorry if this has been posted before, i haven't been keeping up with this forum too much. :o I need to get my grubby hands on a wii, as I haven't played this game yet... but has anyone found any little easter eggs in the wii version that weren't in the normal one? Nicalis hinted at this a bit...
  8. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story Officially RELEASED for WiiWare

    Cave Story Wii Developers Voice Video I believe this is the first video footage of Pixel. :D
  9. innocent.bystander

    Movie script

    OK, OK, I have one thing to say about this script. I think it's still awesome; however I'm too busy (read: lazy) with my life to work on it atm. That said, I'd love to help and me and my friend came up w/ some great plot/script ideas to use. (Stuck? Shoot me a PM. I don't actively read this...
  10. innocent.bystander

    Happy Birthday Pixel

  11. innocent.bystander

    Movie script

    Hey all! Yeah... I've stopped working on the script. Sorry :( I had a couple of good ideas, and I'm good at writing and editing. I loved writing the Core scene but honestly it was just too overwhelming to write the whole thing. I'd love to help someone else if they wanted to continue with this...
  12. innocent.bystander

    The Cave Story Anthem

    And I'm still slightly confused as to whether she actually wrote the song? P.S. Annabelle: You did a great job on the underside site.
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    A Cave Story Moment: A Grim Ascent

    ^What he said^. *Works on own fanfic*
  14. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story FanArt

    NO LIFE Edit: btw, you can only view the curly pics on onlineworms' DA if you have an account. Which, just for the record, I do not.
  15. innocent.bystander

    The Cave Story Anthem

    I watched the video, downloaded it, put it on iTunes... etc. I came back to teh forumzz to say how epically awesome this video is.
  16. innocent.bystander

    Something I have wondered about...

    I tried to make a CS text adventure with ADRIFT, but got bored. It could work, though.
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    New User Ranks

    Yay, IWBTG user title was my suggestion ^_^
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    Good filehoster!

    I have found two filehosters that are both free and direct!
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    Cave story Comic

    ...School is raping you? Like, the teachers?
  21. innocent.bystander

    Starting a Sue's Workshop clone

    Looks nice, but why wouldn't it be free?
  22. innocent.bystander

    Monster X on Low Life

    Question–I'm stuck at the same point with 3hp but I've leveled up my Blade all the way. How do I level it down?
  23. innocent.bystander

    The Spur
  24. innocent.bystander

    New User Ranks

    Deaths: 4000