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    Mafia - Game

    Lynch Malpercio.
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    Forum Mafia (signups)

    Dammit I tried making one of these a long time ago and it was ignored. Anyway I'm in.
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    This is a jelly filled donut.

    What is with 4kids and riceballs. EPGdIH0jFZU
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    This is THE best Letsplay.

    But Charlie Manhuge can't do that. He uses his FISTS ONLY.
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    This is THE best Letsplay.

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    Regarding ArmorGames

    However, I don't think pop-ups are supposed to CLOSE DOWN THE WEBSITE AND BRING UP TWO BOXES OF VIRUSES.
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    Regarding ArmorGames

    I figure this goes here. Anyway, the website has viruses and malicious content on it. ESPECIALLY for Internet Explorer. Explanation: I was looking for a game on the website when suddenly, TWO of these boxes came up, and were labeled with internet explorer. I immediately opened task manager...
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    Elimination Thread

    What about me?
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    Have You Actually Completed Hell?

    Re: Pwwwoooo.... I beat it the first time I tired. (By cheating...) But then I got used to it.
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    i scroll this conflict

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    Re: Srly I beat him easily on my first run using the polar star. After 10 failures, of course.
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    The Game.

    You just lost it.
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    PSP Version

    Re: *Facepalm* Well, I have the most recent updates for the PSP. (LittleBigPlanet, then PSN update) So you're saying that Cave Story won't work because of this?
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    PSP Version

    Right, I downloaded it, put it into the PSP (both the eboot and data), ad try to run it. It tells me the data is corrupted and cannot run. What do I do?
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    What Wiiware/Dsiware is worth buying/is a waste?

    Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and Megaman 9 are the best for Wiiware.
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    Terrible games (that you loved to play)

    According to some people, Quantum of Solace is terrible. I like it. I enjoy FPS action, TPS cover, and some platforming elements.
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    I sing something else for a change.

    KgOi-I4Iras Maybe if I used duct-tape to trap him instead... Oh yeah: ybgGt3baHOQ
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    Evil, evil Mario game clone

    Freaking cat mario. I hate you. Rghflflf.
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    My First Youtube Poop

    I thought it turned out pretty good. Watch it, rate, and comment.
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    Just finished Cave Stroy and now I have some questions

    Curly's room, hidden area. Inside the room where you fight the core. Don't talk to Booster in the labyrinth. Save Curly using the tow rope. Save Curly and Booster. Nemesis, find Mr. Little and bring him to his family. Requires swapping blade. Snake, Give fireball and polar star to Chaba in...
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    My documents folder accidentally me.

    I just deleted about 172 files using 7Zip. It turns out those files were the cause of losing 17.5 GB. Right now, I'm doing a virus scan just to make sure. Over 15000 objects scanned, 0 threats found so far. In the time I took to write this, the number jumped from 15000 to 100000
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    Punch Out!! Wii: Fun times, ceap tactics, Failurs and lulz

    Thanks for losing mac's last stand now pernamently locking career mode.
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    My documents folder accidentally me.

    *Entering documents folder* *Windows Explorer is restarting* *Running AVG* *No viruses found* *Checking size of documents folder* *Over 17.4 GB* Alright, I NEVER put that much shit into my documents folder. And it closes whenever I open it. Help.
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    Alter Ego

    I've played this. I've died of kidnapping. Heart attacks during softball. Suicide. Being shot. Trying to save someone. Hitting the last icon. Etc.
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    This is my response to everything.