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    Who else has a habit of starting another project before finishing your others?

    *Raises hand* Oh man, you have no idea, I even have a couple lately that I just didn't start because I thought about how my projects go and I just decided to hold off. You know me, I'm the Big Idea Man. I have too many hobbies, like I've tried music, drawing, animation, 3D animation...
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    The Vocaroo game

    I then proceeded to put way to much effort into the game:
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    Hey guys just stoppin' by to say ...that... this. watch?v=7UH79vlPgZw
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    Here's some nice I don't even really know what. watch?v=1dnIMDpVBfI @Enlightened one: That Hitler video... That wan a goddamn eye-opener. I know what I need to do now.
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    watch?v=0nOGy52xygY sorry if that's too mainstream for you • _______________________________ • watch?v=kiZcdj2pIxM A great comment on this video:
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    Kitten Battle Dungeon

    You clearly have no scope of how difficult that would be to just add on...
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    Kitten Battle Dungeon

    Yeah this art still looks effing amazing.
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    The "No Shitposting" Game

    5. You are a hypocrite as soon as you try to win. Uh oh, I'm getting nostialgic, get ready for a long damn post. I vaguely remember when I was real small I had a little toy set with plastic cowboys and indians, and walls you could link together to make a cowboy fort. Then you could pretend...
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    Quality cartoons

    Oh hey I remember Science Court, they were funny. I liked the one about gravity. Someone tracked down where they got the song clip for the Arthur episode "Binky Rules". You never really hear a whole song, just 10 seconds or so, so they just took this random clip and looped it. And so, I...
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    lVgbHG5RiII Not only does this happen at every concert, but apparently they've been adding to it every tour.
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    Yay! I was inspired to make nightmare fuel! :D
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    The worst restaurant you've ever eaten in

    I used to eat at McDonalds from time to time for some reason. :L
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    Gaming Letdowns

    Can I just post an entire game? I got this, used, from GameStop, for ten f***ing dollars. And I don't even want to try and sell it because I feel bad for whoever buys it from me.
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    Noxid's Monthly Game Challenge - Scores Galore(s)!

    That's kind of what we're looking for isn't it? Or at least games where we can chase points. –Learn how to play it -Click "Minigames" -Get scores -??? -...
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    Kitten Battle Dungeon

    I feel like the style in that first animated gif looked cleaner.
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    it's time to shut it down

    Welp from what I've seen of this thread so far I don't think I really want to read 5 pages of this but here's my two cents: The length of this thread proves that people still watch the CS Forum. There are a lot of cool things here such as the library of references for how to mod Cave Story and...
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    1 in 4 Americans Don't Know Earth Orbits the Sun. Yes, Really.

    Now that you mention it, this may be the same study I heard about a while ago where people were debating the way it was worded and whether that could confuse people. Still, it's a strange statistic. It reminds me of that "Jaywalking" segment where Jay Leno quizzes people off the street. I did...
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    1 in 4 Americans Don't Know Earth Orbits the Sun. Yes, Really. ._. I think I need some time alone.
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead]

    Aww he kicked Luigi, what the hell? :c
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    Artwork and Stuff

    A Floran from Starbound with a cherry blossom. BTW, Noxid, that pirate comic is great. :D
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    I thought of a game! [warning - madness ahead] I lol'd. These ads which I'm watching right now must be some kind of joke because this can't be real, how can this be real? Is this even allowed to be a real thing? Oh yeah and the sidecar thing is epic...
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    Quality cartoons

    Animaniacs was fun! But I didn't see much of it.
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    Quality cartoons

    Oh yeah I watched a lot of Veggie Tales. Including the Larry Boy show. Man that was silly. Arthur was pretty good. And of course who could forget Xiaolin Showdown? That was some quality television. (not really but it was a great show) I watched Cyberchase too, it was a silly kids show but...
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    I just got braces..

    My sister has braces and apparently they have this little thing and she has to strap rubber bands on 'em at night to help them work... And clean them sometimes... Ugh. I'm glad I never had them. I think the worst thing I had done to my mouth was when they had to surgically remove my wisdom...