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  1. Dreamer

    About Cave Story GM

    Most recent build and project can be found in the "CSGM July 2020" folder here: But read below first, please. So Game Maker Studio 2.3 is in beta right now and the new features are very promising. A lot of the...
  2. Dreamer

    Cave Story GM

    Like, map data as actual rooms in the GMS project, or lines of code in the room creation code? I've been entertaining the former for a while.
  3. Dreamer

    Cave Story GM

    EDIT 1: Added source project link Cave Story GM is a take on Cave Story done in Game Maker Studio. The game reads from data in the English freeware version of Cave Story found on the tribute site and adds some elements to the gameplay. The game isn't finished. From a new game it's only...