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  1. UltimateBalrog

    Is the Wii U any good?

    The Wii U is definitely worth it. The eshop is full of great games, and though there aren't that many retail games out, when they're good, they're REALLY good. My only complaints with the system is the storage size(32 gB is not enough space for a console) and that the gamepad isn't fully...
  2. UltimateBalrog

    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    I played the PC version at my grandma's house when I was really young. I don't know how they came across it though.
  3. UltimateBalrog

    Your Stupidest Deaths in Cave Story?

    This one time I forgot to pause the game, and I ended up drowning in the first cave.
  4. UltimateBalrog

    What is the best version of Cave Story?

    As much as I LOVE the freeware game, I slightly prefer the 3DS eshop version of the game. It comes with just about all the extra content that the wiiware and steam version came with, and its on a handheld so you can play it virtually any time.
  5. UltimateBalrog

    Which character do you think should get their own game?

    not exactly. some spin-offs based on other characters get success. look at shows like penguins of madagascar, or games like Luigi's mansion or Yoshi. also, what's #bringbackmiserystory?
  6. UltimateBalrog

    Which character do you think should get their own game?

    Wow. It has been an ETERNITY since i last came on this forum. I don't think anyone even knows who i am because i was only on here for a short time. But I'm back, for whoever even remembers me. :P Anyways, which of the characters in Cave Story do you think would be interesting enough to have...
  7. UltimateBalrog

    Cave story+ for 3ds

    same here. once i get the cash, i'll be getting that.
  8. UltimateBalrog

    A Lost Land

    nice job! i've played the game and so far it's very good!
  9. UltimateBalrog

    Who's your favorite character in Cave Story?

    another one of mine is king, since he is an awesome mimiga and dies a hero. also because he gives you the blade.
  10. UltimateBalrog

    cave story 3D soundtrack?

    has this been released at all yet?
  11. UltimateBalrog

    Live Action Cave Story Movie.

    Quote: Josh Hucherson Curly: Alexa Vega Sue: Miranda Cosgrove King: Gary Oldman Toroko: G.Hannelius Kazuma: Daniel Radcliffe Misery:Uma Therman Balrog:Nicholas Cage The Doctor: Sean Bean Itoh:Jonny Depp i know i'm forgetting characters but that's all i can think of right now.
  12. UltimateBalrog

    Will you get Cave Story 3D?

    once i get a 3DS, cave story 3D is the first game i'm getting.
  13. UltimateBalrog

    Wiiware music in pc version?

    i asked my uncle the other day. he said he found it but couldn't find the date. oh well, i guess i'll leave the case closed. anyways, this uncle is the same person who insists that cave story was on atari.(we all CLEARLY know cave story wan't released before the 21st century.) yeah, sorry...
  14. UltimateBalrog

    Cave Story look-a-likes

    quote's new design in cave story 3D kinda looks like toon link.
  15. UltimateBalrog

    Wiiware music in pc version?

    no. i'm SURE that the same music was in that pc one. the moment i heard the music after getting the polar star i was sure of it. it actually might've been at least 2 years ago, cause i remember playing it at my grandma's new house, which she bought almost arond the time the wiiware version was...
  16. UltimateBalrog

    Wiiware music in pc version?

    so yesterday i got cave story for wiiware, and i kept the new music and graphics, since before then i only had pc and dsiware. the music sounded awfully familiar, but when i got the polar star, the music played for when you get an item, and i remembered: the new music was used on my uncle's cave...
  17. UltimateBalrog

    When was the last time you watched Cave Story's openning cutscene?

    when i got the wiiware version yesterday.
  18. UltimateBalrog

    Play as Curly Patch

    This keeps happening to me!:sue::sue: either way, still impressive!:mad::chin:
  19. UltimateBalrog

    Nintendo 3DS owners: Ambassador!

    this is why i love nintendo. :mad::D:D
  20. UltimateBalrog

    most moments in a video game ever.

    on the level WMD in call of duty black ops, i managed to jump over the broken bridge, run through the avalanche, and jump off the cliff, and then i forgot to deploy my parachute.:cool::(
  21. UltimateBalrog

    What did you dream about last night?

    that i was in the same room as in the end of harry potter 7 part 1 and soldiers came out with AK-47s.
  22. UltimateBalrog

    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    Re: The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? to i'm UltimateBalrog, i love cave story, sonic the hedgehog, nintendo franchises, spyro, call of duty, and halo. i love to play video games and surf the web.
  23. UltimateBalrog

    Post Your Favorite Game Track

    sonic colors soundtrack
  24. UltimateBalrog

    Most Well written Cave Story song.

    mine would be oppresion and final battle.
  25. UltimateBalrog

    What are your accountson other sites?

    i have 3 others: pankakesparx456 NightmareGemback Flipnote Hatena- UR MUDKIPZ what about you?:)