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  1. Omega

    Hola mi compañero! To be honest, you got me there. That's one of the things that my teachers...

    Hola mi compañero! To be honest, you got me there. That's one of the things that my teachers never really expanded on as far as I can remember. Best Regards, Omega.
  2. Omega

    Cave Story: "Another Dimension" 3D Project (Not-A-Mod)

    Nice! Ill definitely be keeping tabs on this thread. Thinking about it now though, i'm surprised it took this long for someone to try making a 3D 1st/3rd person CaveStory.
  3. Omega

    rate the music of the user above you: video games

    (Referring to the track from black mesa) 8/10 Its a pretty good track.
  4. Omega

    Atlus parent company accused of fraud and swimming in debt So, what are your thoughts about this as well as the future of atlus? Honestly, if index folds Atlus will definitely be auctioned off. The question is, what...
  5. Omega

    EarthBound fans rejoice!!

    Thats great! Especially when considering just how badly earthbound has been overdue for a rerelease.
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  7. Omega

    Cavestory with lyrics

    It seems that the search feature failed me.
  8. Omega

    Cavestory with lyrics Sorry guys, but i cant add the youtube tags.
  9. Omega

    Ask a dumb question.

    Looks like it. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  10. Omega

    Alphabet Soup

    Q is for quote
  11. Omega

    Expanding your horizons?

    Before getting NBA Jam on fire i didnt play any kind of sports games. But one day i found it free on psn (thank you ps plus) and played it. The rest is history. Zenonia 3 gave me an important lesson, that mobile gaming can be fun whether you play angry birds or final fantasy. Before getting an...
  12. Omega

    Youtube General I cant think of anything to say here.
  13. Omega

    Hope of Shané (Frost: version β)

    Im guessing the character will have amnesia.
  14. Omega

    Ask a dumb question.

    Because you dont have anything better to do. What question should i make?
  15. Omega

    Ask a dumb question.

    Because it isnt any other color. Why am i not as active on these forums as i was before?
  16. Omega

    What's the best video game?

    Sonic 06 was the best game ever! But all joking aside i would have to say sonic cd.
  17. Omega

    Dear Doctor Fabulous

    Dear doctor fabulous. On a scale of 1 to 10 what do you rate me and why?
  18. Omega

    Your Favorite Underrated Games?

    I love okami as well. And by the way. Does Street Fighter x Tekken count as underrated?
  19. Omega

    Dear Doctor Fabulous

    Dear doctor fabulous. Why am i making this post?
  20. Omega

    Lucid dreaming

    Well mine are typically video game related (you can tell i dont have a life... yet) most of the time its me interacting with something game related in the real world.
  21. Omega

    Lucid dreaming

    Thanks. Ive already already logged my first dream, both verbally and written.
  22. Omega

    Lucid dreaming

    Its pretty obvious what this thread is about. So before talking about lucid dreaming. I need to ask you guys about something. Thing is that im not a lucid dreamer and want to change that. I already know about WILD. But i have heard about simpler methods (developing a habit of performing reality...
  23. Omega

    Ask a dumb question.

    probably. Will this thread ever die?
  24. Omega

    Mod Ideas......

    Well how about the story of a ninja trying to rescue the love of his life from an evil demon who locked her up in a dungeon. Or something along those lines.