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  1. AkitoKitty

    Flora and Fauna - A Bio Project

    "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service."
  2. AkitoKitty

    Pacifist Story

    haha. its pretty cute but jeez waffle gun useless af. i got the bubbler asap. i see you can't get chacos lipstick lol. i stopped right before i got the gum base key. but honestly do the parents watch him as he plays games???
  3. AkitoKitty

    Pacifist Story

    Can you upload it somewhere else?
  4. AkitoKitty

    Dear everyone ever: Stop using Skype

    oopsie P,; guess its time for me to go back.
  5. AkitoKitty

    Pixel Art

    I think it's supposed to be the shadow.
  6. AkitoKitty

    <iframe id="ytplayer" class="EmbeddedVideo" type="text/html" width="640" height="390"...

    <iframe id="ytplayer" class="EmbeddedVideo" type="text/html" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen /></iframe>
  7. AkitoKitty

    thanks... although you'll find that i'll just log in every few months, post dump and lurk for...

    thanks... although you'll find that i'll just log in every few months, post dump and lurk for the rest of the year lol. or so i think
  8. AkitoKitty

    Smash Bros. 4/Splatoon Wii U/3DS Community

    okay i was about to get upset for a second because mine wasn't on the list.. wasn't there a thread like this before?? idk what happened to it. 5112 3756 9202 i guess i'll just add everybody on the list cause it's ok you guys can leave me hangin i dont mind btw i have smash, animal crossing and...
  9. AkitoKitty

    Avatars for YOU

    i wanna request one too! i don't have anything else..
  10. AkitoKitty

    thanks ^^ i actually was lurking for a while because i forgot my password haha.. xD

    thanks ^^ i actually was lurking for a while because i forgot my password haha.. xD
  11. AkitoKitty

    idk how i saw this now but YEAH

    idk how i saw this now but YEAH
  12. AkitoKitty

    Fun free sculptor proggie

    voila, batman
  13. AkitoKitty

    Cave Story Card Game - I need your help!

    this seems really fun! i'm excited to play it when it's finished.. its ok if it takes a while lol.
  14. AkitoKitty

    Quote homemade hat!

    what a smart idea to sew in the headphones too ^^ keeping your ears warm.. man i need one of those
  15. AkitoKitty

    Quote X Curly? Wha.....

    i have always wondered about their relationship but since nothing there isn't any clear cut evidence saying "quote and curly are a couple" i don't know really know. I know a few years ago I hated it because it was kind of cliche. But I guessi just tried looking at it the way I perceived it with...
  16. AkitoKitty

    lets work on a new icon ok

    lets work on a new icon ok
  17. AkitoKitty

    Embarrassing/Shameful Secrets Thread.

    i've never fucked two guys at once >={ wow i sound really vulgar now i won't be able to marry anyone woe
  18. AkitoKitty

    CAT MONTH 2014-15+16

    darn... so disappointed in my self ..
  19. AkitoKitty

    Pixel Art Collab

    wow what happened to my o..our cat lmao i'm surprised kind of it's not finished edit: wew
  20. AkitoKitty

    Kero Blaster, A New Game by Pixel

    kero blaster.. i think i need to play this maybe..
  21. AkitoKitty

    Attack of the Hungry Mahins (SGX Mod)

    lol idk why i didn't download this sooner also this doesn't have a special boss? just wondering, i think i remember in the original you get a certain number of points and theres like a boss.. wait i think i'm thinking of another one of his games.. @_@
  22. AkitoKitty

    Hello Everyone / I need help D:

    ...aren't there a good amount of walkthroughs online too? ^^;
  23. AkitoKitty

    thanks ^_^

    thanks ^_^
  24. AkitoKitty

    A horrific tale of FrozenFire's personal life..

    dang.... if getting burned by a candle hurt that much then... WOW OW lol jk.. but glad to hear your recovery is going well.
  25. AkitoKitty

    Ikachan 3DS Eshop

    i was going to buy it too cause you know, it'd be fun to play anywhere... i guess.. but then when it came out i saw it was like 5 bucks.. no way -_- btw... i started playing pc ikachan and am like 10 mins in, got the pointy hat, is there a way i can pierce the sponge blocks sideways? i went back...