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  1. Polar Fury

    Save points on the island

    I belive thse save points are some elaborate scheme set up by the doctor to make Quote question his sanity. He saw the future and prepared in advance. Oh yeah, I went there.
  2. Polar Fury

    The Docter Lives!?

    No, because clearly "Does who die DISAPPEAR"
  3. Polar Fury

    "If you combined the nemesis with the spur you would get a nemesis that would only level up if...

    "If you combined the nemesis with the spur you would get a nemesis that would only level up if you held down the fire key. Which would be awesome." I agree with dis.
  4. Polar Fury

    What does pixel do in his spare eating time?

    He eats rainbows. DUH. That's where he gets his creativity from.
  5. Polar Fury

    What does Quote eat?

    melons. lots of melons. AND CHILDREN.
  6. Polar Fury

    The Bad Youtube users.

    Undeserving partners mostly. Ray for instance, Money grabbing whore. He has 4 channels, posts about 1 video on 2 weeks on 2 of them, one video per day on his vlog channel and 2 videos per week on his main channel. He has partner on all of them and i'd say he makes well over 2500 per month. And I...
  7. Polar Fury

    Who here is a brony?

    Well I suppose i could be called a Brony, I'm not an extremist though.
  8. Polar Fury

    What did you dream about last night?

    Melons. Alot of Melons.
  9. Polar Fury

    Horrible Cave Story review

    If this was his honest review, He'd burn in sacred ground.
  10. Polar Fury

    SPUR Vs Nemesis

    Yes I knew that, but i'm retarded so i couldn't find it :L
  11. Polar Fury

    SPUR Vs Nemesis

    So, what do you guys think? Which is better? Spur, or nemesis? Personally, i'm going to have to go with SPUR, mostly because nemesis becomes utter crap as soon as you pick up 2 experiance orbs.
  12. Polar Fury

    Is Cave Story 3D the worst cave story iteration?

    Personally, I think that cave story is a game which was made free so that everybody could experiance it, and in all honesty i don't think i'd pay 40$ just so i could play Cave story "On the go". But that's just my opinon.
  13. Polar Fury

    Possibly one of the scariest hell runs i will ever do.

    I wonder what Hell looks liek with Death story...
  14. Polar Fury

    The first time you played Cave Story...

    I found out about cave story via a dude who i used to play tf2 with back in '07. It went something like this : Oh look, a heart box and a DOS floppy disk, okay I asume this must be the save. *Goes through door* The right is blocked so i'll go left. *a short trip later* Oh look, a tube with a...