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  1. TheRuggio15

    How Long Has It Taken You to Beat Hell?

    1 week. I wanted to send the level to hell. Oh wait.
  2. TheRuggio15

    Suu No Monogatari ~ Sue's Story

    This is definitely one of the best mods in story of Cave Story. Finish the last version, you will not regret it.
  3. TheRuggio15

    A New CS Japanese Page From Pixel [Possible CS Development Blog?]

    Other reason that shows how Pixel is a fucking Genius.
  4. TheRuggio15

    Should Cave Story be an anime?

    Heyo guys, Just to say I'm an animator. I want to make a proyect of a pivot series of the story of Cave Story, getting the 3rd ending. Also, Quote will talk and I will make caps of 2 minutes and a half. I know it isn't to much but it is very very hard to animate and at the speed I animate it...
  5. TheRuggio15

    Quote X Curly? Wha.....

    I didn't realize that, sorry. There's no evidence they were made by the same people. And they have no similar design, just a few similitudes on the skin and nothing more. And so, I repeat my point, Quote and Curly are androids, an android is designed specifficaly for acting like a human, they...
  6. TheRuggio15

    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    All started on January 2005, I got my first computer and my mother bought an Internet system. Back on that time I was a kid and I wanted a computer for playing, not for working. Searching on the web I found the "indie game" denomination, and I searched "best indie games". Cave Story was on the...
  7. TheRuggio15

    Quote X Curly? Wha.....

    To my opinion Quote x Curly exists, but will never happen. Let me explain: MAYBE Curly had a feeling for Quote, but Quote is more shy and keeps everything on himself (Thats the main reason because talks not to much times on the game), so Quote maybe had a felling for Curly, but he will never...