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  1. chippysthedoggy

    Post your PxTone creations!

    Hey, though I'd share my latest (and only, to date) pxtone creation. It's a remix of a song I wrote for my band The Monotremes, the original of which is Writing lots of alternating time signatures, including tempi changes and dealing with pretty...
  2. chippysthedoggy

    pxtone/ptcollage import settings - .wav not importing

    Thanks Noxid, will check it out. I'm exporting the samples through cubase 5, I'll give those settings a try. The version of pxtone that I downloaded was from Gryzor87 at g r 8 7 dot com. If there's another version of pxtone I should be switching over to, I'll try find it. -ctd
  3. chippysthedoggy

    pxtone/ptcollage import settings - .wav not importing

    Hi all, First post here - have had a look through and haven't found anything about people having problems about importing .wav into pxtone (namely, ptcollage). I've tried at a number of different sample rates and depths. Is there a specific set of file properties, or a specific destination...