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  1. Iiz10ninja

    Freakishly Easy Cave Story

    Pretty much we have the Ultimate Doukutsu Trainer to help us out, but admit this is a great start.
  2. Iiz10ninja

    Geobox Engine getting ready for public use

    so, this is the engine that's gonna be used in Beneath the Surface, no?
  3. Iiz10ninja

    Jenka's Nightmare - Done. *mic drop* []

    i hope someday this mod can be ported to cave story+
  4. Iiz10ninja

    Total Computer Wipe and Black Screen of Death

    your files should still be there to some extent. there is a possibility that the virus could've overwritten your file's binary data bits allowing your hard drive to gain free space. But that also means you can recover your files by using a utility that scans the tracks and sectors of your hard...
  5. Iiz10ninja

    Plus Porter (

    ill try out this version when i get the chance. also, i was able to at least port the mod jenkas nightmare the other night, but then again plus porter has its limits. the only 95 maps limit i assume, this mod had 125 maps with the first map having a null value, so i wouldn't be able to play the...
  6. Iiz10ninja


    oh yeah, i seen Vinny do this.
  7. Iiz10ninja

    The return of King's Story

    Such a glorious return for such an amazing mod as this. But, please, don't make us do math again. I already get enough of that on tuesdays. lol
  8. Iiz10ninja

    Plus Porter (

    its a possibility that my computer is playing tricks with me, because it just now started working...idk. i always had problems with java on 64bit versions of Windows.
  9. Iiz10ninja

    Plus Porter (

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Java Version: 8u25 Whenever I click either Save or Save as, a popup doesnt appear at all. It did on v0.9.0.0, but not on v1.0.0.0.
  10. Iiz10ninja

    Plus Porter (

    I tried v1.0.0.0, and so far saving a port does not work.